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Pet peeves at disneyland


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    Shrek scares me :lol: :bow: :confused:
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      PROMENADING or "The Wall of People"

      1) Families that walk 8 abreast. I believe the term for this is prominading and it is common in some cultures, BUT IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!! Look I am not a commando visitor, but it irritates the heck out of me when you are trying to walk to a destination, and you run into a freakin' "wall of people". What is with that? Don't they gat that they are being totally rude to the other guests. How about this, SPLIT UP INTO SMALLER GROUPS!!
      Thank you, I am now done ranting.
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        I Agree can we send out a plea to put urselfs into smaller groups
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          -People who climb under a rope, railing, chain because no one is in the line, but you got in from where you were supposed to get in and tens of people cut in front of you (worse when its a person who go's, "hey guys over here," then you think, oh crap.....
          -People Who randomly yell things like, GOOFYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, or MICKEYYYYYYYYYYY even when they are in their teen years.
          -People who sit in front on BTM and say loudly, "Oh yeah, that one person died on this like last year."
          -People that always think that it's "strollers first" and as soo as your about to barely miss them they speed up and you run into them, then they get mad like they didn't do anything.
          -See people that I met earlier in the day say, "Let's ride Space Mountain." when earlier I told them it was closed until July 15th.
          -Overlarge women who wear skimpy shirts, ughhhhhhh, I mean I know they wear them everywhere, but for God sakes people, you're in Disneyland!!!
          -Teens that try to sneak into, Closed areas, or areas for Cast Member only. (Yes, I am a teen, but I don't do these things, I'm not saying I'm a goody-goody, lol)

          And finally the Number One Most annoying thing that happens at Disneyland is(and it's also very funny, some people just don't have any common sense):
          When I see people exiting Splash Mountain saying, I didn't know that this ride got you wet.......
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            Originally posted by Bill
            • People who think they own the space in front of them when they go to watch a show and sit or stand farther back...
            As a counterpoint to that, people who refuse to fold their strollers when asked to if they're in an all-seating area waiting for a show, people who insist on wearing tall Goofy hats, etc.

            I remember being a short little girl (heck, now I'm a short little woman) and I could never see anything. If you're in a place that has a lot of entertainment for children, I think it's really sad to begrudge them a view. It's not their fault they're not tall enough to see, and a lot of the time they're in tourist families who don't know you have to get there 45 minutes early in order to get a good seated spot.

            I read someplace (presumably on these boards) that in Tokyo everyone has to sit down for things like fireworks or Fantasmic. That would be so ideal, to me...then everyone, even the very small, has a crack at a decent view. Then their tall parents don't have to hoist them up on shoulders, hence spoiling the view for everyone behind...and the cycle continues...


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              Originally posted by 33 reject
              Once, while waiting for the train at NOS, a guy who claimed to be a former CM was entertaining us all with stories about how they closed Space Mt. because some tall guy got decapitated. It was quite amusing. It probably didn't help that we were all "Really? That's facinating, tell us more..." He did tell us more about how people also loose hands 'all the time' in there. It was more amusing than peevish until we saw the rest of the listening crowd turning green.
              That's not cool. But I've heard similar before so often! But what I really can't stand is the ever enduring, "Hey! Did you know Walt Disney's frozen somewhere under this park??" Or the even more absurd "Yeah! I heard he's really frozen in that Walt statue on Main Street!"


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                Originally posted by Tinkerbell
                That's not cool. But I've heard similar before so often! But what I really can't stand is the ever enduring, "Hey! Did you know Walt Disney's frozen somewhere under this park??" Or the even more absurd "Yeah! I heard he's really frozen in that Walt statue on Main Street!"
                I heard he was frozen and is in one of the freezers at Carnation.
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                  Originally posted by Arnie
                  -People who seem to have never taken a small child to Disneyland and seeing the smiles on their face when the see a character or go flying with Dumbo. You can't tell me that my 2 year old is unable to recognize Dumbo or Snow White.

                  -People who seem to have never taken a small child to Disneyland and don't understand why the kid can't walk all day or the parent can't just carry them. We use strollers as transportation devices not battering rams, that is until you stop in front of us suddenly.

                  -People who seem to have never taken a small child to Disneyland
                  Couldn't have said it better myself!!! :bow:


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                    Originally posted by wolfy999
                    My pet peeve at Disneyland is the people in the lines that insist on getting REALLY close to you. It's not like they will get on the ride any faster, this seems to happen all the time with foreigners and tourists. Back off....I need my space!

                    I have a couple of tricks for this:

                    1) I use my backpack (yup, I'm a backpack person) as a weapon. Normally, I am a mild-mannered gal who keeps my backpack close to me, and who apologizes profusely if I happen to hit anyone with it (which rarely happens).

                    But when I'm at DL, I use it to whip around quickly and smack directly into the person who is inching ever-so-closely up my butt. It works best when it's a 10-year old who isn't paying attention because then you get maximum impact to the head.

                    2) This one I stole from my dad, who employed it many a time at DL:

                    When someone would get annoyingly close to him, he'd wait until the next time the line moved; then, he would take a step with his right foot, leaving his left toes on the ground, but keeping his heal up. When the offender got too close, he'd stomp his heal down and squash the crap out of the toes. They'd never get too close to him again.

                    Evil, perhaps. Effective, definitely.


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                      My niece has been going since she was 4 weeks old. She knows that the second she acts up, we leave the park.

                      My pet peeves are people who walk ULTRA slow and they are not even looking at things they are just people who move slow. I've noticed this in teens lately. MOVE!!!! I get into Disney mode and I can maneuver through people without bumping them, but I shouldn't have to

                      Line hoppers. OMG......why does everyone have to sit there and wait until their entire family is up at the froint and THEN cut in line

                      Obnoxious teens who KNOW they are being obnoxious and do it just to get on peoples nerves

                      People who hardly wear any clothes to Disneyland and wonder why others stare at them.
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                        omg . . . i agree with almost everything you guys have said on here . . .
                        those people that are walking and then all of a sudden stop just makes me so mad . . .
                        and people that stand at the beginning of the line and think about wether they want to go on or not while there's like 20 people behind them that know they wanna go on . . .
                        and those people who don't know about personal space really bug me too . . .
                        line hoppers really bug me too. this one time i was in line for matterhorn and these two boys were like "excuse me, excuse me" and everyone figured that their party was somewhere up in the line so we all let them though, just to watch them waltz right onto the ride infront of all of us (i felt really stupid and cheated :monkey: )
                        and those people at fantasmic/fireworks who lay out blankets like 4 hours before and leave one person sitting there . . .
                        and last but not least are those darn annoying strollers. is it just me or are they mulltiplying??
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                          Originally posted by sldisneyfan
                          - kids on leashes
                          - people who walk three or four abrest and then stop in the middle of the walk way to look at a map
                          - teenage girls who sing while waiting in line
                          - people who have no concept of personal space
                          - people in those motorized chairs, in some cases, if they just go out and walked, maybe they wouldn't need the chair, otherwise - get out of the middle of the road and whatever you do, don't back up without looking!
                          - litterbugs
                          - women who wear hight heel shoes to the park, hello! how much must your feet hurt at the end of the day.
                          Wow, I could go on and on...
                          Kids on leashes...sheesh. I remember when i was little I was a kid on a leash. I hated every moment of it. I'm glad you hate it too. Haha, it hurts a little still seeing leashes on kids.

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                            I hate the strollers so much. I get hit my those things so many times, which is odd because no one else in my family does.

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