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    :confused: Hi there,
    I was wondering if any of you MiceChat members sent in photos for the Disneyland "collages", and whether you have been notified by email from DL that they have used your photo? I've sent in quite a few pictures for this, and yet I have not heard from DL as to whether they have used one of mine or not. I've heard that at least one of these collages is allready displayed in Toontown, has anyone spotted their photo? Thanks.

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    Disney will notify people of whether or not their pics are included and where to find them within two weeks.
    -Kyle, Member of the DCA Lovers Alliance
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      How exciteing i hope im included somewhere
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        i didn't send any pics and now wish i had. no guarantee they would have been used though.
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          given the number of pics they received and how many they needed for the collages, pretty much everything they received that was appropriate was used.
          -Kyle, Member of the DCA Lovers Alliance
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            I sent in at lest 6 pictures. ONE of them had better be chosen!
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              I sent in more than 50 I BETTER have at least ONE!
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                I think I sent in 4 or 5 pictures and I am currently waiting to hear from DL. Someone already said we should hear in about 2 weeks.
                I can't wait to hear which pictures they did use and where my photos are located. When I was in WDW I had my photo taken for the "Leave a Legacy" monuments and they had the numbers and letters where I could find the picture. Small but you could tell it was me.
                Are you coming to the MiceChat 50th meet-up the weekend of July 15-17?
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                  Sure, did I tried to get a picture form the 70's sent in but my parents could not find it. So I sent a few from our last few trips.

                  Today, I just recieved a email reminder that in May they will have photos up and be notified where.
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                    I just got an email today from Disneyland/Happiest Faces on Earth:

                    "Thank you for your photo submission(s) to the "Happiest Faces
                    On Earth" program. The finishing touches are currently being put on
                    the collages which will be displayed throughout the Disneyland(R)
                    Resort. We are doing our best to incorporate all acceptable photos
                    and will be notifying you of your photo(s) usage in early May.
                    We are very excited about the 50th Anniversary Happiest Homecoming
                    On Earth Celebration and hope that you and your family will Come
                    Home and join us for this magical time in Disney history."

                    Still don't know whether they'll use any of the ones that I sent, but we'll see. I sent ALOT of pictures hoping that this would increase my chances...
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