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Help for a new member


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  • Help for a new member

    This is the first time I have ever posted before, so please don't blast me if I ask the wrong question or have posted in the wrong area. I am just looking for advise.

    This may be a crazy question but let me explain, I love my girlfriend! and My girlfriend and I love Disneyland. Two weeks ago I tried to propose to her at Disneyland on opening day of "Pirates of the Caribbean." Unfortunately after waiting in line for 2 hours the ride broke, then we waited for Space Mountain, it broke, even the monorail was broken So we ended up not riding any rides and did not have the greatest time.

    I am looking to try it again with a little more luck. I am trying to find anyone that has a membership to Club 33 and would be willing to invite us for this special night. (I am trying to get on the waiting list currently) I am willing to pay for it or send you pictures of the night or even invite you to the wedding.

    If I am barking up the wrong tree please let me know and I will continue to search on my own.

    thanks for your time,


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    Re: Help for a new member

    I'd be glad to help you out, but alas, I am just a nobody on the waiting list going on five years now.

    If they call me in the next week or so, I'll let you know!

    Hopefully, a current member here can help you out.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Help for a new member

      someone here just arranged for a whole slew of micechatters to have
      a meal there... hopefully someone can help you out...

      if not, the Court of Angels in NOS is a great spot!

      best wishes!


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        Re: Help for a new member

        Originally posted by MSEPLightningBug
        the Court of Angels in NOS is a great spot!
        best wishes!
        Ah, good suggestion! That is a nice spot!

        My husband and I have been married 10 years and we love Disneyland too. He proposed to me at Kuleto's Restaurant in San Francisco because one of his friends recommended it to him. The food was just okay and the service was nothing special. We have never been back there. I would have loved if he had proposed to me anywhere at all inside of Disneyland. So don't give up -- even if it's not Club 33. There are so many beautiful places in the park. I like LightningBug's idea. Good luck!


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          Re: Help for a new member

          Just to second MSEPLightningBug's suggestion. NOS is a lovely spot for romance.

          Good luck with the proposal, man!
          I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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            Re: Help for a new member

            I say try the Blue Bayou or in front of the castle


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