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Imagineering special on Travel Channel


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  • Imagineering special on Travel Channel

    OK, the other day, my aunt and I were watching this thing on the Travel channel about Imagineering. I actually DID watch it because it dealt with some Disneyland rides, for once. But very few. If WDW had a counterpart, they only spoke about that, not even how the two differed, like the Tower of Terror. The next program that was on WAS just about WDW. Andthe Food network often shows a program about Fairytale weddings, but just at WDW, but Disneyland does them too...

    Why do they never make any behind the scene special on Disneyland? Is there something i'm missing?
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    Re: Imagineering special on Travel Channel

    Long ago, Disneyland did have specials about the park. But nowadays most of those programs are tourist promotionals. They come out at the beginning of Summer to entice people to go to WDW. Since Disney makes SO much money on WDW hotels, Disney seems to promote WDW more. This last year there might be a shift. According to Al there is a recognition that Disneyland can be a money making resort too. The POTC premier highlighting DL was replayed on several channels this last month. So things come in waves. Hopefully about the time Nemo Subs open, you should see some new promotions for Disneyland made.
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      Re: Imagineering special on Travel Channel

      Hey, with John Lassiter focusing on DL now, we will get the attention that we disserve!

      I too think that the reason WDW has been pushed more is the fact that Disney gets hotel money as an additional income. But thats a guess though.


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        Re: Imagineering special on Travel Channel

        both the imagineering special you are talking about and a great travel channel special about Disneyland are on you should check them out if you have not seen them


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