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Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92


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  • Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

    Hello again. Ok, so far I have posted pictures from my family trips in 1974, 1979, and Christmas 1986. Now we move into the 1990's, June 1992 to be exact. This was my big sister's 4th trip, my third, and my little sister's 2nd. I was 16, my older sister was 20 and my little sister was 10. On this particular trip we had gone out to Utah to visit Bryce Canyon and then to San Diego. We arrived from San Diego on June 27th 1992 (remember this date, it is important) and were staying on the 14th floor of the Disneyland Pan Pacific Hotel (now the Paradise Pier Hotel). As we are getting out of our van to go check in my little sister asks the following question "What if there is an Earthquake?" To which my mother responds "There won't be an earthquake". Well, as all the geology majors in Micechat know, my mother was wrong. At 4:57 am the 7.3 Landers Earthquake struck. I woke up to a swaying hotel. I was in a bed that looked right out the window so just by raising my head I could see outside. My little sister was panicing, and I think my mother was in not to good of shape either. I can't remember how my father or older sister were reacting at the time. In all honesty I remember not being too fazed, but it did seem to last forever. Well once the shaking stopped we got dressed and went down all 14 flights of stairs. Being the genius that I am I grabbed my walkman so I could listen to the news. Lots of people asked me outside for news. Ahh to be the center of attention. All the hotel guests were moving outside. I remember our neighbors were an older couple from Great Britain and as we were leaving to evacuate they peeked out of there room and asked us what to do. We told them to evacuate. There were people in robes and even a guy in his boxers (lol). Well after some time (not sure how long we waited or what time it was) we were allowed back in the hotel and we turned on TV. Someone checked with the front desk and discovered Disneyland was going to open, so we decided we might as well get dressed and go to the park. My little sister was a bit of an emotional wreck. The little aftershocks did not help. Well I was just out of the shower when at 8:05 am the Big Bear Earthquake (technically an aftershock) hit. There is nothing like sitting on the floor of the bathroom in your birthday suit while the hotel sways. My mother had had enough at that time and called to the front desk. She got them to allow us to change rooms to one on the 2nd floor. SO when we got dressed we repacked our things and moved them downstairs. Then off to the park!

    coming soon: pictures and what DIsneyland is like after an earthquake.
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    Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

    I really want to see!




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      Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

      Oh wow... let's see those pics! I guess you are officially now a "mover and a shaker".


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        Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

        I remember seeing the newscast of that, it showed the Disneyland Hotel cracked in a small area if I can remember correctly. I didn't realize that was 1992, it seems like it was just yesterday.


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          Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

          I guess I am not a MiceChat Seismic person...I didn't realize that Orange could get hit with an earthquake. Or perhaps, and much more likely, my brain was blocking that possibility!

          This is an interesting post. We always remember where we were at such times. I remember my first earthquake in Northern California in August of 85. It was brief, we were taking down a show and I thought someone had dropped a large piece of set. All the Californians kept working. All the Coloradoans ran to the exits.

          I ran too, once someone say, "oh it's an earthquake, it'll pass in a moment."


          Very cool post, btw, thanks for sharing.

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            Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

            I worked the day of the earthquake. I remember having a morning shift (like 8:00 - 4:30 pm). I also remember hoping that my shift would get called off because I was afraid of going to work. I also remember calling the scheduling office to see if the park was going to be open (which it was) and my shift wasn't called off. So off to work I went. I remember it being a slow day and I might have gotten off early (don't remember). But I do remember going to a concert to see......Paula Abdul at the Pacific Amphitheatre with Color Me Badd as the opening act!! I think I just really aged myself!!


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              Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

              We had just put our condo in Lake Forest up for sale and I remember thinking, oh great, now it's just going to be a crumpled heap that we won't be able to sell. Of course that didn't happen, but strange things cross your mind in the middle of an earthquake.


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                Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                Hello again. SOrry to make you all wait. I didn't intend for the previous post to take so long to write and I got tired. I remember as I was gettign dressed to go to DL we could see the Disneyland Hotel was still in evacuation mode and people were still standing outside. I remember hearing it got damaged.
                Anyways on to the park.

                Unfortunately I do not remember when we did what, so I am going to concentrate on particular aspects of the trip. First part will be characters. On this trip my sister discovered the autograph books.

                In those days the whole meeting areas like in Toontown did not exist. As you can see to get a picture and or autograph was a mob scene.

                Here is Darkwing Duck for all of you lovers of rare characters, signing my sister's autograph book. My mom took a picture of each character as they signed and put it on the opposite page so you could see the auto and pic at the same time. If you look in the background you can see Dale in his RR shirt.

                Probably the best character experience was at the character breakfast we went to. We saw lots of characters like Pooh and Eeyore. At this point I did not care about getting pictures with characters, except with Donald of course. My father however...

                Yep its Cinderella. Cinderella has become my dad's character, you know, the one you get your picture with no matter what. My mom said she was quite the flirt. Lol.

                At some point during the breakfast Donald made an appearance. Now I did not get to see him, except for in the parade in the 1986 trip. So I yealled to my mother to come quick. Sure enough we got the picture. Unfortunately I was going through an awkward stage at the time so I will not repost that picture.

                So how did the earthquake effect our day? Not much. The Skyway and Submarine Voyage were the only 2 rides closed at the time. We went to the new attraction Splash Mountain for a ride. After waiting in line for awhile (not sure how long, probably around 30 mins to 1 hour) we got on the ride and were off. We got by B'rer Bear's cave, right before the first drop, and the ride stopped. We waited for a few minutes all of a sudden a cm appeared asking us to get out of the boat. We were being Evaced. We were a little disappointed, but mine melted away as I got to get out of the log on the ride and go behind the scenes. We went down a stairway and I got to see the rebar and cement on the inside of the outside wall. Then I got to see into the last show scene from behind it. It was amazing to see all the critters, still moving, but not singing. It was eerie too, but cool. They gave us all fron of the line passes for later, whenever we wanted to use them.

                up next attraction pictures.
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                  Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                  Wow... Disneyland during a major earthquake...

                  (WDW would be fun in high winds and rain, but they close the park when anything scary comes their way... thats what the utilodors are for.. lol J/K)


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                    Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                    Thanks for your patience everyone. My plans fell through so I have a little time to post about attractions now.

                    What would a Melonballer picture thread be without a skyway shot? Not a very good one. lol This must have been on the second or third day. We rode it quite a bit as it was a favorite of my big sister who you can see in the blue bucket with my little sister and mother.

                    My little sister on the Carousel. Another favorite for both my sisters. I do have a request. Can anyone verify if my sister is on Jingles? I believe she might be, but I would love some verification.

                    Now one of my father's and my favorites was STAR TOURS! My father and I are huge Star Wars fans and the fact that we had missed Star Tours on our visit in 1986 had always grated on us. So it was a ride we repeated a whole bunch. Here are some pcitures of the queue.

                    Did you know that this C-3PO came from Lucasfilm? Also he is actually plated in gold.

                    Good old R2-D2. Notice the people mover in the window behind R2. Woot!

                    Hey, didn't you have feathers last time I saw you? I miss America Sings, but I do love this droid and have his action figure.

                    So let me reminisce about rides for a bit. We finally did ride Splash Mountain and we loved it. We thought it was really cool that they took your picture. My Mom bought both pictures from when we rode on that trip. I rode POTC several times, including once by myself while the rest of my family waited for Fantasmic. Unlike most families we did not ride the coasters. In retrospect it might have been because of earthquake anxiety, or maybe just coaster anxiety. I didn't become a coaster fan until 1999 (more on that another day ).

                    I remember riding the Submarine Voyage for the first time since 1979. It was murky and the narration did not match up with what we were seeing. It was not a favorite. However, all 3 kids loved the Autotopia. Well, we did until I got yelled at by a CM. I had a car in front of me and nothing behind me. Well I stopped to get some space between us. A cm burst from the bushes and read me the riot act like I was bumping into other drivers. Man that made me mad. There was no one behind me. To add insult to injury a cm boarded at the end of the ride to take me into the unboarding area. Since she had her foot on the side pedal I took my foot of my gas pedal. We ended up coasting into the person in front of us and she gave me a nasty look. I told her she was the one with the foot on the gas and it was not like there is a brake on those cars. Argh!

                    We also finally rode the Haunted Mansion again. On our trip in 1986 my little sister and I would not ride it. On this trip we were still a little nervous but my mother convinced us to go on. She rode with my little sister and I while my dad was with my older sister. I can't speak for my sister, but I know I closed my eyes alot. I was mostly nervous about pop-up ghosts since I have a fear of being startled. However, I did enjoy the ballroom scene and I remember having my eyes closed in the attic and I opened them just in time to see the rising ghosts right after the attic. I can't remember really liking the ride, but by the time I rerode on my next disney trip I had no trouble with the Mansion. Ok that is all for now.
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                      Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                      Originally posted by figment1986
                      Wow... Disneyland during a major earthquake...

                      (WDW would be fun in high winds and rain, but they close the park when anything scary comes their way... thats what the utilodors are for.. lol J/K)
                      Funny you should mention tropical storms. Wait until you read my next trip report on my first trip to WDW.


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                        Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                        Wow cool photos!
                        Splash Mountain is my favorite, but our whole family had not been able to ride due to the height restrictions until our most recent trip.

                        The best part is that we took up the whole log

                        i know not near as exciting as photos from ten years ago
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                          Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                          Ok, this is kinda my era so you're reminding me of lots of memories!

                          I actually did have the Darkwing Duck action figures and his duck head shaped plane thingy he flew around in. I also still have some Disney Afternoon figures that I collected by mailing in cereal box proof of purchases and mailing in for. Here's a pic. The copyright date under them says 1991. I never got the whole set. I wanted the Rescue Rangers.

                          (poor Gadget simply cannot stand up)

                          I remember going on Splash right after it opened. We waited in line 2 1/2 hours. We were rounding the last corner of the line and could see the logs. Then the ride broke down. They told us we could wait and see if they could fix it or leave and come back. People sat for a while and waited, then they told us to leave the line and gave everyone those little colored papers so we could enter through the exit. I thought that was quite cool


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                            Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                            Originally posted by sailerm
                            Bwah ha ha! Look at those expressions on each person in the log! I think that little girl is about to pass out... and the drop made Dad's eyes bug out! Great photo- thank you!


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                              Re: Another Melonballer picture trip report 06/92

                              OK time for more photos.

                              I forgot this one when posting attraction shots earlier.

                              Did you know the guy on the bottom of the pole is named Juan? Looks like that Rhino is trying to get a hole-in-Juan. The Rhino can weigh up to 2000 pounds and jump over 50 feet. Luckily the boat was less than 50 feet so he would have jumped right over us.

                              Anyways, back to the purpose of this thread. Its time for nighttime spectaculars. What would a Melonballer thread be without soem pictures of the Electrical Light Parade.

                              My mom got some really great pcitures onthis trip of the parade. But she did not take many.

                              And here is Fantasmic...

                              First the long lost Ursula Float.

                              And the Grand finale.

                              Yep, we loved Fantasmic and saw it several times.

                              Ok I got one more group of pictures, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. See you then.


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