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First Class vs Third class Attractions


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  • First Class vs Third class Attractions

    Lately, the prevailing view with the last DL administration was the notion that something cannot be built because there is "not enough money." Often I read posts that say something is not a good idea because it would cost too much.

    I guess I am a rebel, but I reject such notions. I agree with Walt that a First Class attraction is cheaper in the long run than a third class attraction.

    Look at recent history...

    For example, the Tomorrowland update of 1998. It was done on the cheap and produced little. In fact, TM is in a worse condition after spending all that money. Now more money will have to be spent to get it back to something attractive again.

    Second, the new Pooh ride is underwhelming at best. It is a good yawn for most who go. Once you ride it, there are few that want a second trip. I believe that at last count is it attracting less people than the Bears did in the same spot. It does not attract new visitors to the park so it does not generate any income. :monkey:

    Finally, the poster child for cheap is DCA!! :lol: It lacks the magic of Disneyland and might never really recover from its poor inital showing. It is the ugly step-sister of Disneyland who gets all the attention but will never have the magic Walt put into DL! To make it really sparkle, major truck loads of pixey dust will have to be dumped on that park! :devil: And pixey dust is expensive!!

    Spending for a first-class ride pays off more in the long run by attracting more guests. Look at the results of Mission: Space at Epcot. It has done a fantastic job for luring people in and will continue to so in the future probably for many years. The first class rides also endure longer. Walt wanted to spend heaps of money on Pirates of the Caribbean. It has the most AA's of Disneyland. It has real waterfalls. Every detail was adding including fireflies! It still today is one of the most beloved attractions at DL. It has paid for itself over and over again.

    Paying for an over-the-top ride will make back much more money in the long run than the "no one will notice we did not spend much" ride concept of the last few years. First class is always the way to go!

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