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Why do you keep going back to Disneyland?


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  • Why do you keep going back to Disneyland?

    I am presently planning my first trip to Disneyland. I enjoy visiting the Disney theme parks, and am also planning a summer visit to WDW. Why is it that we keep returning to these Disney theme parks? For those of you who keep returning to Disneyland Park, why is that? I am sure the answer has something to do with the magic. Something to do with the emotions you feel, as you enter the park. Some people don't "get why you vacation at the sme place over and over again." So I ask?

    Why do you keep going back to Disneyland Park over and over and over again.

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    For me it's because Disneyland is simply unlike any other. As you mentioned, it's the magic. Look at Six Flags, look at Disneyland. The comparison is impossible to make. You have dirt and you have concrete...that's a metaphor, not referring to the actual ground of either place.


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      Disneyland is my Happy place.

      The magic, the way when I am there reality is suspeneded, the way I can feel totaly free. I would live in Disneyland if I could.


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        Because it is DISNEYLAND and there is no other place like it in the world as far as I'm concerned. I never get tired of going and that is usually once or twice a week. Already missing the place since I haven't been since last Friday evening. No problem going this Friday for sure!
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          Trying to collect for past due paper money!!! I want my 2 dollars!!!!!

          J :monkey:

          *END OF LINE*


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            Because its only 15mins away, I have AP and theres lots of girls there.


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              I think for me its to get away from the real world, and to forget about things in your life. I feel that once I'm on my way to disneyland, that my problems have disappeared.

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                My reasons are some of the same as you guys but un like you i can't go weekley which really sucks, But when i am there i feel free to be a lil kid again and its a form of relaxation to me, Alot of peepole i know don't find theme parks relaxing but i do, In march last yr me and my parents went down and i didnt bring a freind i spend most my time in the parks alone yet i chould not have been happyer it's the whole expreince, Like i said you feel like ur in another world and its ok to be a kid again..
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                  I go to Disneyland because I like to abuse my Annual Passport every chance I get.
                  Oh, it also makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl to be there. Uh-huh.


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                    Originally posted by Barbaraann
                    Why do you keep going back to Disneyland Park over and over and over again.
                    It has to be that warm, tingly sensation I receive in my insides that goes straight to my brain. (or it could be the Smirnoff)

                    Disneyland has charm, detail and charisma that other "theme" parks lack. It's derived from dreams and imagination combined with technology that forces the Guests to experience Its attractions as a character making each trip unique.

                    Or it could be the pineapple Dole whips.

                    Thank you.


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                      So much for the saying "There are no stupid questions". The topic of this thread is seriously a stupid question!!!

                      Because it's DISNEYLAND!!!! Duhhhh.


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                        I enjoy asking questions, that bring out emotional responses. Usually I get wonderful responses to these types of questions. Disneyland is obviously a wonderful place for most people to visit. Some people are big softies and sentimental. I'm sure the majority of people who visit Disneyland on a regular basis are those types of people. Dreamers, big softies, keep your wonderful responses coming. I love reading them.


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                          It's an escape for me, no matter what bad stuff there is in the rest of my life, at DLR it's just me and Walt's dream. That and it makes a good subject for my photography class.


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                            Originally posted by Mr_Chopsticks
                            Because its only 15mins away, I have AP and theres lots of girls there.
                            I wish boys would flirt with me at Disneyland... but I never see single boys quite as much as single girls....

                            ALthough I'm really awkward to flirt at... apparently I shoot guys down and don't even realize it! Oops! :lol:
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                              Because I was a Disney child and remained that way.
                              I never lived there, but was able to visit once a year. I looked forward to that one day, all year long.
                              Every time I walk under the entrance bridge, my heart still pounds, just like always. It simply is the happiest place on earth.
                              I have raised all our children on Disneyland, and also got my In-laws, and extended family, and turned them all into Disney fanatics. We have had family parties with serious Disney trivia games, and Disney gifts of course. We are all quite frankly, nuts for Disneyland.
                              Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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