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Which do you prefer - Disneyland alone, or Disneyland with others?


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  • Which do you prefer - Disneyland alone, or Disneyland with others?

    Sometimes it can be just as enjoyable visiting a theme park by yourself as with your family or friends. Seems Disneyland has a large community of people who travel there by themselves. I have read many posts about an afternoon spent at the park just people watching. I have also read just as many about familys enjoying their times together at the park.

    My question is, which do you prefer? Perhaps you do not prefer either way, but you enjoy both. Just curious. I, myself have many good memories of trips to WDW, spent with my grandson and his mama. I get away a little bit, by myself, and I really enjoy those times. I really think I would love living in California, and be able to spend a day, or an afternoon, by myself at Disneyland.

    Share your comments - Disneyland alone - Disneyland with others?

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    Disneyland with only one other person that loves it as much as I do. If you go with someone that doesn't appreciate it as much, they tend to get annoyed at how excited you get. And if you go with too many people, it just gets messy.
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      I have spent a lot of time alone in the park. The nice thing about that is you are free to do whatever you want to do. I prefer to be with someone. Not talking to anyone gets to be stressful after a full day. Ot os also nice to laugh and to hold.
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        When you go with someone, there's nothing like getting off a ride (such as Splash Mountain), looking at each other, and both saying, "Yes! Let's do that again! Woohoo!"


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          I agree with KoH that one of the major advantages of going alone is going wherever you want at your own pace. It also can be weird to not talk to someone throughout the day, but you do still interact with the CM's and other guests when it's appropriate. I grew up going to the parks with my family of three or four of us and had a lot of fun that way as well. I think going with one other person that loved being there as much as me would be ideal for me personally. But no matter whether I'm with someone or I'm there alone, I'm happy simply because I'm there.

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            I go with my family (6 people), and it can be a pain sometimes because a certain family member (not me) constantly drags their feet and takes 45 rolls of film worth of photos in one day.

            The best option would be to go in an even-numbered group. Either two or four people. That way there are no single riders in your group.


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              I prefer Disneyland with family


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                Given a choice?...ALONE.

                I've escorted hundreds of family and friends in large groups where you felt you had to cram everything into their one and only day there.

                I've worked with DL on numerous events that involved large numbers of invited guests and private functions within the park for nearly 20 years.

                But the best times are always when I'm alone in the park and able to just be quiet, stroll and take in the beauty of it without someone yapping in my ear. A quiet dinner or lunch alone is no problem for me. I've traveled internationally for many years and prefer travelling alone. You meet some terrific people being a solo traveler...some have become friends who have remained in contact with me for 40 years.

                There was another thread in here a few weeks ago about "Creepy" guests and mostly about singles in the park. Among the posts were many who said they were extremely uncomfortable being alone in DL and many said that eating by themselves was just unimaginable.

                If you aren't comfortable with yourself and able to enjoy things on your own, how can you be a companion to others?
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                  I go with my daughter...Never gone alone, but I wouldn't mind it. We always have fun together, though.
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                    I've never experienced the park alone, it would seem nice, but I dont know. I always go with my boyfriend and sometimes with family members and friends.

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                      I like to go alone for just a couple of hours, just to grab a bite to eat and people watch, but for a full day, I couldn't imagine not going with a friend or family member. That would just be lonely!
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                        I have a family of six. We all enjoy the Parks while being together. I have been at DL solo and even though I do enjoy myself and can keep entertained for hours, I just keep thinking to myself that it would be better if we all could be there together to enjoy it. Every time that something neat would happen, or I would have a great time on a ride, I would call home and talk to the kids. My cell phone bill goes through the roof.

                        First choice-with the family.

                        Second choice-solo.


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                          There's nothing like sharing the day with your family or friends at Disneyland. But spending time alone at Disneyland is one of the greatest joys I can imagine.

                          When I was, probably, 14 or 15 years old, I made the trip to California with my Mom and Aunt. They had business to take care of, so it was agreed that I would spend the day at Disneyland while they took care of whatever it was they needed to do. I'd been to Disneyland numerous times with my family, so I wasn't scared at all to go alone. I don't remember how I got to The Park or back to the hotel, but I do remember what an amazing time I had. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I was always a Disney geek, so being alone in The Park, able to do whatever I felt like when I wanted to do it, well, I felt completely free.

                          I still go to The Park alone. I don't know a lot of people in southern California, and my partner is not a Disney person at all, so I go alone --- AND I LOVE IT!!!
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                            I am very comfortable with my own company and like my alone time...


                            DISNEYLAND ALONE??

                            I can't get my head around the concept. It's place to share. Half of the fun I have there is seeing the joy and glee on my mate's face. Saying things like, "Oh..come here and look at this!" Discovering a detail together that we'd missed before.

                            I once spent some time in Las Vegas alone while my girlfriend was in Chicago. I thought it would be a free, fun and ring-a-ding time. Actually, I spent most of the time alone in a crowd. Even though everyone was laughing and talking... it was too quiet. I had some fun. I even won $100 on a quarter machine. I also went home a day early.
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                              It's always fun going with someone who enjoys the park as much as you do, but I seem to find people like that few and far I'd rather go by myself than with someone who just doesn't enjoy it as much as me. During the day, I really enjoy being on my own, but at night I start feeling kind of weird and really alone. That's when I'd really rather have a friend with me.


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                                I've never been to the park alone..well I got lost once but other than that not uh sounds kinda..weird. But I'd rather go with one good friend cause then its lots of fun


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                                  I have to go with my family, but I find myself wandering off from the group if we begin getting on each others nerves. But it is most enjoyable to me to go with the whole family.


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                                    I enjoy the park by myself. I usually end up chatting with the group of people in front of- or behind me while in line. You meet so many amazing people that way. Sharing (true) Disneyland trivia is always fun. Many families have 'adopted' me, and when we encounter each other later on in the day (or even a few days later!), it's like running into old friends. Disneyland is indeed a magical place!


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                                      So far the answers are about split. I enjoy going on vacation with my grandson and his mom. It's nice to travel with people that have the same love of Disney. My husband will not travel with me to any Disney Park. He really is not into Disney the way I am, and he won't get on an airplane any more since 911. Since I live in Chicago, the only way to a Disney Park is by plane, since I do not drive. I will continue to visit the Disney Parks, even if I can only go once a year. I would rather travel alone, than not at all. Once I am on Disney soil, I will take it either way. There are benefits to either way. The responses, so far, are really great and insightful.


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                                        Both are good!

                                        I have to say though that I like riding the rides over and over again. If I am with someone who does not want to do that, it is frustrating. I am a particular sucker for BTMR. I can ride that train day or night and find it thrilling!!


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