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  • Al and MiceAge in the news

    ok, Im a few days behind on my newspaper reading. I just read in the Sunday San Jose Mercury News and the travel section is all about the 50th anniversary. I did a thread search and didnt see this brought up.

    Our very own Al is quoted in one of the articles, the title is "The Happiest Place on Earth does have its detractors" It says,

    " I dont think its what it could have been, " says Al Lutz, a longtime Walt Disney, Co observer and operator of the web site.
    "Disneyland is going to get a rehabbed ride, (Space Mountain) and a nice D-ticket ride (Astro Blasters) but it really needed a class-A showboat kind of attraction like Haunted Mansion or Splash Mountain. If they had been able to open up a brand new attraction, one of their classic E-tickets this year, they could have blown the doors off the attendance numbers"

    There is more where they go on to talk about DCA. (Too much to type all in here but its really a good article) Towards the end, Al compliments Disneyland on all the new changes. The web site for the paper is

    but you have to sign up with them to be able to read it. Its free if you are interested.

    I just thought it was pretty cool to see this in there. I saved the whole section cause Im a pack rat like that.

    Way to go Al! :bow:

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)

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