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SHAG "Cocktail Hideaway" Reception Friday, June 24th


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    I am broke already!

    Between the booze and the prints, I am screwed!


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      Those are hot.

      PS. How do I call Delivears?
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        GAH!!! My boyfriend is a HUGE Shag fan, and we're across the country in Florida.

        I'd LOVE to get one of those postcards for him!!!

        *would sell her soul to get him one*
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          Soooo... this is off site of the park... but for you Shag fans who won't be around for the fun, have you heard about Shag With A Twist? I just went and saw it. Shag did the artistic design for a swinging '60s ballet here in Los Angeles and it is AMAZING. They have half price tickets at Not quite a cocktail reception at Disneyland with the man himself... but as a consolation prize..


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            $150 for the "Adventureland" Package, and the "Reception" is at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Some of merchandise looks terrific!


            But reception at the Paradise Pier Hotel? Not in the Park? Bleah!

            The remaining merchandise will be available the next day at the Disneyana Shop on Main Street.
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              Oh Good Lord! There goes my paycheck!

              I. Want. It. ALL.


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                God I love Shag's artwork...


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                  WooHoo! Just got my reservation for the Shag cocktail party! Yeah, baby, yeah! Anybody else get reservations? My guess is this will sell out very quickly!



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                    Made my reservations at 9:00 am this morning. Unlike the 50th event, registration did not open until exactly 9:00. I look forward to the event, it looks like it will be a great deal of fun with a great theme.


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                      Anybody else get reservations?
                      Yeah baby! Looking forward to it.


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                        I wonder how big (how many guests) they are planning for this event... my guess is since it still shows availability, it's going to be huge! I know there was a big initial rush this morning to get reservations; I wonder how long it is before it sells out. The "Tomorrowland" package is only 50 and shows availability... but with the only difference being described as a hotel room and parking, I'm not surprised not that many people went for it. Although I admit I was tempted... because I know as an attendee of many past WDES Special Events, I bet those who will sign up for it are getting some kind of special little surprise I'm sure! And I bet it will be totally cool too! :o



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                          Since my Japan trip was called off, I signed Mrs Daddy and I up and got a room at the Candy Cane Inn. Now all I have to do is decide on what to wear...

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                            Does anyone know if some of this stuff will be available through delivears on the 25th or do you have to be at the park?


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                              I'll be there! I think it's going to be pretty huge -


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