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The Tomorrowland "Revitalization" Plan


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  • The Tomorrowland "Revitalization" Plan

    Originally Posted by Marcie (a very reliable source) over at
    The Tomorrowland "revitalization" plan is a 5 year plan that was called out last year to help restore much of the energy and glamor back to this once highly popular area. Currently the plan calls for changes and additions spread out over 5 years, so it isn't as if one specific year has been called out as when a major redo will be done and then unveiled like the land recieved back in 1998. But yes, WDI and Resort leadership is focused on reworking Tomorrowland over the next 4 to 5 years.
    Originally Posted Marcie (a very reliable source) over at
    I did see some of the proposed new paint scheme today and I think it will help "brighten" the area up more. Now, if the new color scheme is approved that doesn't mean all of the gold will be replaced, but much of it will. The decision on the colors will be made very soon and work should begin any day now.

    And yes, it is supposed to be completed by May 5th. Some of the colors will be close to the original, but with some new colors mixed into the palate.
    So... What are your thoughts on the tomorrowland "revitalization" plan? To me, it's some of the best news to come from the resort in years!

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    Thank God! Now if we can get Star Tours 2, People Mover 2 and have Plectu's Revue replace Innoventions I will be happy for the rest of my life.


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      Sounds awesome! New color scheme eh? Much better than the gold. So, I hope in the process, they do something to Innoventions, HISTA, the People Mover track, and get more scenery on the Autopia.
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        The color has always been one of my biggest issues! Peoplemover better be next up, followed by Star Tours.

        Tomorrowland will live again!


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          Too bad the source isn't specific about anything.
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            Originally posted by Dustysage
            Too bad the source isn't specific about anything.
            That was my thought. It doesn't take an "inside source" to predict that they would come up with some kind of plan to revitalize tomorrowland. The place is dead. And since they've already repainted space mtn, it's obvious they're going to do something with the rest.

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              I don't think George Lucas is ever going to allow Disney to have a Star Tours 2. But a new Peoplemover is almost a sure thing (according to my sources), we all know that the Submarines are high on the revival list, and the big news for 2005 is the return of that quarter-century-old E-Ticket, Space Mountain.

              It just tickles me no end that the Tomorrowland Revitilization Plan is to restore the land to pretty much the condition it was in before they messed with it. The goal seems to be a souped-up version of 1977. Welcome to TOMORROWLAND!


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                Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
                Thank God! Now if we can get Star Tours 2, People Mover 2 and have Plectu's Revue replace Innoventions I will be happy for the rest of my life.
                I doubt any of these will ever see the light of day. Star Tours 2 probably has the most chance of the three though. The Peoplemover was nice, but I don't think there's enough demand to spend a fortune rebuilding the track and cars. Remember they took it out because it wasn't popular enough to justify the huge maintenance budget. What's changed since then? The public is even more demanding for thrill rides now than they were in 1996.

                Plectu's was never built because it was seen as too much of a financial risk. Folks tend not to feel the same way about big AA shows as they did in the 60s and 70s. The AA shows are expensive too - you could easily end up spending 100 million dollars for a ride that only has an expected life of ten years. Not a good use of money.

                I think a ride MAY go into the Sub Lagoon in the next ten years, and possibly a new film will go into the HISTA theater. New Attractions could be put in some of the dark corners of Tomorrowland, but past that I don't see much happening. I don't think the Chevron Autopia will be going away anytime soon, and neither will Buzz. Innoventions MAY go - but it would have to be for a sure fire blockbuster attraction that could easily recoup the costs of construction AND make up for the lost of sponsorship revenue.

                I think if this revitalization plan is true, I'd expect to see maybe some paint in some areas, and maybe some new color schemes in other areas. I think Redd Rocket's and the Starcade will get makeovers. Maybe we will get some of the Jumbotrons and other kinetic sculptures that were planned for TL98 too. Best case scenario: HISTA gets replaced. I just can't see too much money going into this project with all the other major problems out there. It's looking like the entire Monorail Track will have to be replaced in the next few years and that's gonna be expensive.

                And when was the last time Disneyland had a five year plan and actually stuck to it? Tomorrowland 98 was built with a 2 year plan and they didn't even stick to that!


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                  their may be a chance for the people mover... remember... WDW's got a sponsor... (same one DCA's mouse coaster..) perhaps their is a chance they can get an auto company... to sponsor it?? (cough.. that new sponsor for fireworks....cough...)


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                    Whatever they can do to make Tomorrowland great again is fine by me. The problem with Tomorrowland is that "the future" gets old real quick. Main street is supposed to look dated, but Tomorrowland can't look like the '60's version of tomorrow. I think of all the lands, Tomorrowland is the hardest to keep fresh and new. I'd love to see HISTA gone, an update to Star Tours and anything else they could throw at me. I think the next five years could be great for the land.
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                      I would love to see an updated Star Tours, but it won't happen till Eisner gets the boot. He and Lucas don't get along. Here's hoping that best!
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                        I'm probably one of very few people who would like to see Star Tours gone for good. Why bother spending all the cash for just another updated movie? It's just going to get old again except this time I would bet it will get older much faster. At the time it was way ahead of anything we've seen before. Now you can see rides like this in a mall. I have no idea what to replace it with I'll have to think about that. Let's hope "Marcie" can give more details or better yet I'll wait for Al to give me the low down with his updates (with more detail)


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                          here's what they should do:

                          HISTA- is history...boot it out...make it an outdoor arena again

                          STARCADE- use it as a small INNOVENTIONS

                          INNOVENTIONS- could be used for two rides...maybe used like what America sings was...with a moving audience...and stages in the center...and the top floor could be used as Alien Encounter

                          AUTOPIA- keep it the same, just change the queue paint...

                          SUBS- get new subs like the ones they had in florida...and make it a 20000 leagues under the sea thing...

                          BUZZ- cant do much change there...

                          STAR TOURS- new queue...maybe if they changed the inside main queue, this way they didnt have to use the extended queue, and that could be changed into the Star wars merch. store, and transfer the norm. disney products into current store...this way they can shift things over and use STARCADE and the bigger store area for a new INNOVENTIONS...

                          SPACE- get rid of the outside queue on top of HISTA...

                          COSMIC WAVES- get rid of it too!

                          ROCKET RODS- new and improve version of it...maybe the STARCADE could be used as the queue building and dig an underground queue to the load

                          ASTRO ORBITOR- change colors to new scheme

                          OBSERVATRON- make it work...with lights set up all over TL...and cool music and lasers in the sky

                          CLUB BUZZ- make it tomorrowland terrace again...reduce the size of the kitchen area...make it to serve only small snacks and drinks...this way they can gain more space for buzz or other things...maybe for a new ROCKET RODS queue...

                          COLOR SCHEME- Silver and Blue with a hint of Gold...

                          DO SOMETHING PLEASE TO OUR TOMORROWLAND!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we should start a petition to Disneyland...
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                            I would love to see a new Star Tours destination (once Darth Eisner exits)...

                            Also: please do something with Innoventions! Something

                            And for the kids love the show, so whatever.

                            That nightmare on the roof should either get re-invented or used as a boat anchor for the Magic when it comes to Long Beach this year.

                            I loved the People Mover in FL (TTA). Bring it back to DL! We also need about 30 more churro carts and a few more pin shops...
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                              Originally posted by innerSpaceman
                              It just tickles me no end that the Tomorrowland Revitilization Plan is to restore the land to pretty much the condition it was in before they messed with it. The goal seems to be a souped-up version of 1977. Welcome to TOMORROWLAND!
                              I agree, they should never have messed with it in the first place! Put the rockets back on top and get rid of Innoventions. And a new movie in HISTA theatre! That movie is old news!!!
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                                I would love to see the people mover come back.
                                It was a great way to rest the feet for a short while (and a great ride if you brought a date) it also was a great high capacity ride when the park was crowded.


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                                  Sources tell me that Tomorrowland will be changing after the 50th celebration. Paint is one of the factors

                                  Walt's love of Trains!


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                                    What should be done in a five-year plan:

                                    1) Greenlight Submarine Voyage redo

                                    2) New paint for TL - white-based color scheme - return to ultramodern design/spires

                                    3) Return of colorful tropical foliage

                                    4) Incredibles Pods on PeopleMover beam

                                    5) Return Rockets to upper platform - dancing waters fountain takes its place in entry plaza

                                    6) New flying saucers ride for CircleVision building (currently under consideration for WDW)

                                    7) Adventure Thru Inner Space returns in Pizza Port/dining area

                                    8) Restore/rebuild Monorail trains

                                    9) Tomorrowland Terrace stage and top sculpture restored - eliminate Club Buzz

                                    10) Skyway returns

                                    11) Lose the wet marble and planter circle

                                    12) Magic Eye restored to outdoor stage facility/pavillion
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                                      What about replacing HISTA with Cranium Command? Good or Bad?


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                                        Originally posted by merlinjones
                                        Incredibles Pods on PeopleMover beam
                                        Ugh, why don't we just rename it PixarLand and have done with it?

                                        I mean, those Pods would be the absolute coolest idea ... but with Buzz Lightyear and Finding Nemo nearby, I dread turning Tomorrowland into a 2nd Fantasyland with a Pixar theme.


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