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  • Frieday Nights?

    OK. So I have my AP. Yippeee! I have used it twice so far going with my friends. Unfortunatly my friends are a bit..... Yellow... Im more of a thrill seaker, and I WANT to go on CA Screaming and ToT, but my friends wont. So I am thinking of just going by myself on a Friday night. I have ridden on CAS once and loved it, and I have yet to experance ToT. So I am itching to go!!!

    My question is this. How crowded is the park on Friday nights? I live in LA/Glendale so the drive would be a bit of a pain. Also how late are they open? I normally get off of work at 7 but I can come in early if I want. That means even if I get out at 7 I have nasty drive to look forward too. So it better be worth it.

    I also heard of a Friday night meeting. Any info on that?

    Im not going this Friday, but thinking maybe next Friday.... Any info would be great. Thanks!

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    Check the official Disneyland page for the operating times. It really varies.

    Don't know how crowded it is on Friday nights - but if you're on your own there is a Single Rider line for Screamin.

    Have a great time!

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      Friday nights get pretty bad. Every passholder in the area seems to get the same idea. Then again, it's hard to predict...I was just there on a Sunday night and the posted wait time for ToT was over an hour! I was blown away!

      Basically, go expecting to ride a few rides and watch Fantasmic, but expect big crowds, long lines, and so forth.

      Last Friday DL was open till midnight and DCA until 9. You might want to look into leaving work pretty darn early if you're hoping to get on DCA rides.


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        Hey, there. I live in Burbank, and have several times driven down to the park on a Friday night. There's nothing more aggravating than the traffic on the 5 South in the evening-- but there's nothing more rejuvenating than hitting the park on a Friday night. The crowds are generally about, but go in with a plan to hit a couple rides and mostly soak up the atmosphere.

        There have been Friday meets in the past for other sites. If a bunch of people all decide to hit it together regularly, it's a complete blast. Right, DP?


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          I don't mind the park on Friday evening. As APers, my daughter and I usually go when she gets out of school. Yes, crowds are thicker than in the morning or early afternoon, but it's still just as fun for us.
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