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Parade of Dreams/Remember... Music/CD?


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  • Parade of Dreams/Remember... Music/CD?

    Although I haven't seen anything on POD yet, the videos so far of the testing for Remember... look fanatastic, and probably are even better with the score.

    Does anyone have any guesses as to whether or not DLR will issue any sort of CD with the combined music for both shows (a la the Fanstasmic/MSEP CD), and if so, when it would be available (May 5, July 17, whenever)?

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    Remember is on all the new albums coming out, I believe.

    As for Parade of Dreams and Block Party, they will not be on any cds coming out.
    Randy Thornton is working on getting them out sometime soon.


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      I'm a little confused. Randy said that Remember was only going to be on the 2-CD set (it's listed in the tracklisting). But on another of his posts, he says it's only going to be on the 1-CD soundtrack (he says they're limited to only 1 release of that song). Then he says it's going to be on the WDW CD set, too. What's going on?

      He also says that the bonus vinyl for the 6-CD set will only be available at Disneyland, but he says that you have a shot at getting it at Disneyland, WDW, and DisneyDirect. My head's beginning to spin!
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