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Fantasmic in 2005?


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  • Fantasmic in 2005?

    I was just wondering with all the stuff going on for the 50th. this summer will DL still be performing Fantasmic or are they doing something for the 50th instead?

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    I was actualy wondering the same thing. Between Fantasmic and this massive firework show they're mounting, it seems like a lot of night time congestion in the park, but I'd hate to miss Fantasmic...I love that show!
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        We'll have to wait for a cast member with a summer show schedule to let us know. However, I can tell you that they would have quite the uproar on their hands if they didn't run it at least for the summer.
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          I haven't heard anything about fantasmic! cancellations or an extended hiatus.
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            if my memory serves me right...wasnt fantasy in the sky, electrical parade and fantasmic running all at once...not like literally all at once...but wasnt that a regular summer thing...

            boy how i wish electrical parade was back at disney...that would bring some life down Main street at night...cant we get a revamped version of it...maybe Electrical Parade Dream in Tokyo???
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              The normal schedule is to offer both during peak times, such as summer, but only offer Fantasmic! or Fireworks on off season weekends. I think you are safe for the summer, and I presume Disney will be watching attendance counts, etc. from May thru June or July before they make a decision on what to do in the Fall of 2005 (Also public opinion of the Fireworks, and the effect the additional areas that have to be closed do to the park.)
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