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What do your young kids love about Disneyland? Special moments...


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  • What do your young kids love about Disneyland? Special moments...

    Hey all,

    Thought I'd ask about the biggest joy I now get out of DL - Sharing it with my young son (2.5yrs). Here are a few of the special joys I've been blessed with:
    Having him recently say "Didneyland, Didneyland Daddy?" when we drive into the parking structure. He knows now!

    Watching him try to sing "Tiki, tiki, tiki" with the birds. Holding my neck real tight when the rain and thunder come.

    Riding the merry-go-round horse all by himself and yelling "yeee haaa"

    The way he stands in the front row of Small World and takes every second in

    Watching him eat a big sucker (he ignores me until his tongue is blue)

    The look on his face when he sees Mickey

    Watching him trade pins with the other traders

    Ok - maybe not the last one

    Any of you so blessed? Hope so.

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    We'll be taking our almost 3 year old twins in a few weeks! I can't wait to see them experience Disney for the first time! It is so different to go with little ones!

    Oh, we have watched some Disney sing along videos and my daughter thinks Snow White is going to ride Dumbo with her.


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      It is so great to see a post where the members appreciate the joys of seeing kids' responses to Disneyland. In the short time I've been here I have seen to many people who view little kids as an impediment to their fun! To me, watching the looks on kids faces is the best part - even if they are total rstrangers! Of coarse, the negative side is that it drives me crazy when I witness parents who can't or won't let their kids have that experience. It'sDisneylandd - of coarse they are going to be excited. Cut them some slack and try to be a kid yourself!

      Probably one of the drawbacks of spending a year with an Annual Pass is that Disneyland has lost some of it's "special place" status for my kids. They still love Disneyland, but no longer have that special look of discovery. Occasionally, I still see it on my son's face as he clears another "height hurdle" and gets to experience a ride for the first time.


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        I am going to be the first one to say I don't like little kids... BUT I am asking all those that have opposing opinions to stay out of this one. Let them have their thread so they can enjoy it.

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          Kids is the best part of Disneyland, sure Disneyland's not only a kids park, but with out the kids would most adults ever go?

          Just 3 weeks ago, my baby 9 month old neice came with us to Disneyland for her very first time... (well actually it was her 2nd, she was in her mom the first time time :lol: )As she was in her stroller rolling through the gates, She was extatic! She went nuts in her stroller walking into the park, she fell in love with Winnie the Pooh, and hugged him countless times, she wouldn't let go. She loved Haunted mansion, and the pirates of the carribean, and she was only 9 months old! You should have seen the constant smile on her face, this was my first trip with a kid so small, and it was by far the best. Now when ever her dad puts her in her stroller she thinks she's going back to Disneyland, and she gets all excited, and starts clapping her hands. If you can't enjoy Disneyland with kids, you can't truly enjoy Disneyland!


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            Before my family moved away I used to take my niece to Disneyland ALOT!!! It was my favorite thing to do with her. I have not been with my youngest niece yet, (crossing fingers that they come to visit soon).

            Last yr while I was visiting them, I asked the older one "so, B, how do you like Alabama?"

            She said: "Well, it's great except, it sure is missing something."

            I said "What is that?"

            She said "All the fun of Disneyland"
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              Having your day at Disneyland cut in half by pissy younger siblings is so "magical"!


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                I too took my kids at a young age my daughter was almost 2 and my son was 9 months. They loved it. But the best was when my daughter was about 2.5 and we took her it was right when Mulan was big. She loved Mulan she had the movie her bday cake was Mulan she thought she WAS Mulan. So we watched the Mulan parade then she fell asleep in the stroller and when she woke up we were at home and she asked her dad "Where's Disneyland? Where's the Mulan Parade??" We still tease her about this today


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                  It's nice that others enjoy the kids too.

                  I just remembered one of the best:

                  When my son was 1+ he would sing a funny made up song when you asked him to "Sing!" Well, the 2nd time when we took him to Disneyland, (he was about 1.5yrs), we were pushing him through Fantasyland and just started singing. The 1st time he ever did that all on his own. Just out of joy!

                  If that's not what Walt was looking for, I don't know what is. Thanks Walt :-)


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