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Indy boulder effect down?


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  • Indy boulder effect down?

    I was at the park tonight and while on Indy, the rolling boulder effect wasn't working, there was no "reverse" movement to the jeep. It just went straight down the slope after a very brief stop. I didn't get a chance to go a second time, so may have just been a one time thing. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this in the past few days. Also on Big Thunder, the rock slide on the top of the third lift wasn't working either. Just a bad night for rocks maybe?

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    naa they just all had to be at the rehearsal for ROCK-it mountain.


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      I've heard that teh indi boulder has had problems lately, same problems as you described. As for Thunder, are you talking about the projetion of the falling rocks that's not working?


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        I was there the week of Feb 21 and the boulder was not working.


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          I was at Indy yesterday, and the boulder effect worked for me, because I was trying to pay attention to how the room moves, not the actual jeep. And trying to see past the effect made me really dizzy~!

          And the "falling rocks" look on Big Thunder waqs working for me too. Same thing, yesterday.

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            I think it has to do with the variations within the computer. I read back when the ride opened that there are something like 133,000 possible variations to the ride and the computer is programmed to vary the ride slightly each time. All of the effects have been on/off at different times I have ridden (sometimes the snake moves, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes the rat effect is turned on, etc) Its all part of the normal operations for the ride.
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              I figured they were putting a "Hidden" 50th on this boulder. It seems like anytime something goes down, they stick the 50th logo on it.


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