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What is your favorite DL spot to just hang out in?


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  • What is your favorite DL spot to just hang out in?

    Call me weird, but sometimes I just like to hang out in certain places around Disneyland and soak up the atmosphere. It's great to just pick a bench or low wall somewhere and sit down to eat a churro and people watch and just enjoy being there.

    One of my all time favorite spots is in Town Square across from the Fire House and Walt's old appt. there. Great around closing time.
    Of course I also like the Big Thunder Trail around mid-day and NOS looking out at the River in the morning.

    It's a great luxury to indulge in (esp. if you have an AP) when you're not rushing off to the next attraction or waiting in line somewhere.
    One of the things that makes Disneyland so much better than other parks is that so much time and effort and attention to detail are put into that intangible atmosphere.

    So, where's your favorite spot to enjoy it? Be specific, and remember, I'm talking about Disneyland here... DCA and DD don't count.
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    For me the place I like to just sit and watch is The Hub. There I can view the Castle in all it's newfound glory. I can see Main Street. I can see Walt and Mickey. I can see into Frontierland and watch the Mark Twain or Columbia sail by the docking area. I can see the Tiki Room torches. I can see other Mice Age/Chat fans. It's the best place in the world.
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      That area in Main Street where they have Rod Miller playing the piano.

      Fantasyland at night.


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        easy - nos at night


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          Rod Miller is a good friend of my dad's so we hang out there at night and listen to him play his rag time. I think it's coke corner he plays at? Well, it's at the end of main street on the far left. It's a great little cozy area especially at night!


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            I hang out either near the lagoon, which is a great people watching spot with spectacular views of the Matterhorn, the area in front of the Big Thunder entrance, where you have views of the ROA and BTMR itself, or in the above location mentioned, Coke corner, because it has good views of the hub, another good people watching spot, and views of Matterhorn and the castle.
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              the treed area between french market and Haunted Mansion, sipping a mint julip

              on a bench on main street during dusk

              the terrece by matterhorn that covered
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                Mine used to be the path between Carnation Plaza and Frontierland by the water next to the former fudge shop...We'd get fudge and sit on a bench there and enjoy the nearly empty path and shade and surrounding sounds, too bad now I can't get fudge or marshmallow crispy squares or carmel apples there anymore.


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                  Big Thunder Trail, By where the jumping fish used to be before the Rain storms of this last winter (Are they back yet? the fish not the rain ).


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                    Originally posted by VWSpawn
                    Big Thunder Trail, By where the jumping fish used to be before the Rain storms of this last winter (Are they back yet? the fish not the rain ).
                    Yes! I almost forgot about the jumping fish. I hope they got them fixed.
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                      The fish are working!

                      I love to sit on the Castle drawbridge in one of the 4 curved seating areas. From there I can people-watch and, most importantly, swan watch.

                      I also like the back top half of Hungry Bear where it is quiet and where I can play with the kitties.


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                        Ditto on sitting in front of the castle, only I prefer to sit with my back to the castle. It's really interesting to watch people try to squirm around eachother on a busy person's trying to take a group picture, another is attempting to pet the trolly's horse, and others are trying to get to their assigned fastpass times. Plus, on Valentine's day I got to see a guy propose on one of the white bridges to the left of the castle. AAWWW!!!!

                        And I agree on the fudge shop thing, that really makes me....just...ggrr!!

                        ^clicky clicky^


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                          The area behind harbor house with mcdonalds fries. Perhaps one of the only peaceful places remaining in the park.


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                            I enjoy the NOS walkways or alleys where I can sit and listen to the Jazz and dixie. I too enjoy a Mint Julep from the Bar not the Fountain. Also enjoy Hungry bear On Either Level by the water with the ducks and cats(of course)
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                              Obvious spot: The Hub, anytime of day.

                              Less Obvious?:
                              • The Sleeping Beauty water fountain on the backside of the Castle. Actually a nice place to rest, and watch kids expressions as they walk through.
                              • The tables along the waterfront at Stage Door & Riverbelle
                              • The tables at Carnation Plaza...especially on SWING NIGHT!!!


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                                I like the two seating areas at the Gallery. The inside courtyard is great, but I especially love the little balcony. It's a great place to watch the boats float down the River. :o


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                                  I like the seats on the castle draw bridge, too.

                                  Sitting anywhere with a Dole Whip float...YUM!!!

                                  Gallery balcony and the small courtyard inside the Gallery

                                  Standing outside on balcony of Club 33

                                  Bottom section of Hungry Bear watching the ducks
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                                    I guess since it's a ride, this doesn't count....but when I'm exhaused from walking and just want to sit and soak in the atmospere, the train is where I head. Nice cool breeze, something to look at, no worries...... sweet.
                                    As nice as the other parks are, we must always remember that it all began at Disneyland. Disneyland should be the crown jewel in the Disney crown.


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                                      Matterhorn smoking section.

                                      -[/slave to his vices]Myka.
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                                        At the Hungry Bear early in the morning!

                                        Nobody around yet, you can hear the great music ... you know down below on the lower deck, right on the's heaven

                                        But not for too to get to BTTR and Indy!
                                        When it's time to go home and visit...It's time to go to Disneyland!!!


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