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when to visit "DISNEYLAND"?


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  • when to visit "DISNEYLAND"?

    Hi folks,

    I planning to travel to the US this autum. And California it is - of course I won't just spend my time in Anaheim - I thought about going up Highway 1 to San Francisco and continue to the east in order to get to know the Sequoias.

    "The Happiest Celebration on Earth" will be special treat for me as I'm a Disney fool. I thought about coming either in September or October.

    :confused: What do you think?
    :confused: Will Space Mountain be ready by then?
    :confused: Is the weather nice?
    :confused: What about the crowds?
    :confused: And I was thinking as well if "FANTASMIC" is still part of the Disneyland entertainment!

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    I would come in October. Althought the crowds are lighter, the Haunted Mansion is closed in September for the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay installation.

    The first weekend in October is Gay Days, always a great time to be at the park. This is also traditionally the first weekend that HMH is open.

    The second and third weekends in October are generally slow. The slower of the two weeks is dependent upon which week includes the Columbus Day holiday.

    The last week in October is pretty good too. I have been wanting to go to Disneyland on Halloween.

    Have fun planning your trip!
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      Autum is a great time to visit and all the new attractions should be open by then. You do run in to some off season rehabs. The weather should be nice. Either Fantasmic or Fireworks will be going on the weekend. Perhaps both since it is the 50th.
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        Hey Euro Disney Stefan, the time to come to DL is now, IF you don't like huge crowds. Unfortunately, most of the best attractions are down in refurb now...sigh...but if you want to soak up the rest of the DL atmosphere, the time is NOW. The Park has been DEAD! Went yesterday to pick up on my AP visits and just wander around and see how the Park is. Had a wonderful time yesterday. Saw some old friends from my time in the trenches as Attractions Hostess, and we got to talking. Since most of the main attractions are still in refurb the word has gotten out to the public...."stay away until the 50th starts!"...loud and clear. So mostly during the week its just awsome. Good weather for once, now that the rains have stopped here in So Cal, and walk ons for most of the other attractions like TOT, and IJ.

        As for coming down in Sept or Oct. you've picked an ok time to come. For me, the best time to visit is in late Feb, early March when the springtime is just starting. Most of the attractions like Splash and Mansion will be out of refurb and will be up and operational again. Crowds are pretty light during the week, weekends are more crowded. Sept. Oct is good, most of the kids are back in school, but even when I go during the week, you'll always see kids playing truant or families with kids taken out of school in tow. Space is set to open back up in May '05. Weather will still be pretty hot then, we don't get cooldowns until middle of Nov. Definately Indian Summer still here in So Cal, temps in the 80's sometimes 90's! Crowds on weekends will swell of course, it will be MOTR for weekdays. Pretty crowded then at that time. It goes down for a bit, until the upswing during the beginning of the Holiday season in Dec. Jan/Feb/March is VERY SLOW for DL so its definately "atmosphere" time for those passholders who like a little quiet time to eat dinner, see one of the shows, or take a lazy cruise on the Rivers of America. Frankly, I LOVE the peaceful atmosphere and it didnt' disappoint yesterday. Just needed a few more attractions open. But I'm glad everything is getting the much needed makeovers they deserve.

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          Always a great time?

          Originally posted by mamabot
          The first weekend in October is Gay Days, always a great time to be at the park.
          Ummmmmmmm...not sure why you say it's "...always a great time to be at the park."

          Two years ago, on a weekend in October, was the first time we ever left Disneyland early because we were so frustrated. I got sick of explaining to my seven year-old son why those two people were ALL OVER EACH other in line for Matterhorn/Indy/Autopia and a couple others... Really ridiculous.

          Never seen a hetero couple do it to the extent I saw these folks at DL that day, and I've been going for 39 years...2x/month for the past 9 years and 6x/year for the 15 years before that...

          I guess it was coincidence...

          The last straw was when we walked into the bathroom near Star Tours and saw six feet in one stall.

          At about 2PM, I went to City Hall, and calmly ( ) registered my complaint, and went to Knott's...

          I'm not interested in starting a flame war, but it did seem outrageous. I would have been furious if I was an out-of-town guest and had planned my family vacation for that week...

          See ya
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            Thank you folks

            I think I will be there either the first two weeks or the second and the third week of October as European passports are only valid until 25/10/2005. Beyond that date we need to apply for a visa.


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