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    I remember a long time back in a galaxy far far away...(a few years back) Al Luts wrote on one of his articals that the simulation vehicals for Star Tours had started to crack in the front of the vehicals in one of the corners.
    If I remember correctly 3 of the four vehiclals all had this developing problem, and Al said, unless the simulator vehicals were replaced then that only time was left before it could cause an accident. He also mentioned that when the ride is in motion it is somthing like 20 feet of the ground or somthing high and would hate if people fell.

    Does anyone else remember this artical and does anyone know if there were any updates to the critical situation?
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    I am sure that the engineers have looked at the problem and have corrected it.


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      Yeah I was under the impression that Lucas wasn't going to update Star Tours unless the entire simulators were replaced with the next generation built from the ground up so the news over the weekend surprises me and doesn't hold much weight.


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        Maybe next generation replacements are part of the plan that Lucas was talking about this weekend. He didn't go into much detail so anything is possible.


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          The starspeeders werent built to last forever running as much as they do, They should be replaced every couple of years. Last replacement was in 1994 when they had to be lowered into the roof. Gate 2 and 3's cabins are run a lot more than the other cabins so they are especially aging. Its 4 years overdue for a new fleet. I'm sure that lucas wouldn't even consider a redo without a new fleet of starspeeders (and this has probably been part of the bickering between eisner and him eisner wants a cheap redo while lucas wants the works).

          OH btw you know they're getting old when in the back row the gel and hair spray from thousands of guests has permenantly discolored the back wall of the cabin.


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