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  • Guest Service Question

    This last weekend was SO busy at DCA, it made me wonder: If you had to go into a shop just to buy whatever and the line was out the door, would you be concerned if the CM at the register was chatty and talkative, or would you rather they just greeted you, thanked you and got you on your way as soon as possible. I mean, don't you stand in enough lines already?
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    You know, there may be that occasional cm that isn't the best at customer service, but I have for the most part, gotten excellent care at both parks.
    and most are good at guaging how much chat time is appropriate, with the line in mind.
    But remember, they do try to be engaging and personable with you, and I do enjoy that. Maybe they just didn't realize it.
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      I always enjoy chatting with the cast members, but if I'm holding up a long line, I do try to make it short.

      A lot of guests are oblivious to what's around them and sometimes do tend to ask the silliest of questions, but the cast member is always polite and trys to cut things short if possible.

      So don't really mind, either way, kinda used to waiting in lines at DL or DCA!
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        Personally I love chatting it up! When I had my DS ID they would always ask where I was from. When I said Minnesota they always thought it was SO far away! And when I mentioned Mall of America they thought that was cool and most asked about Knott's Camp Snoopy. It was fun and allowed me to talk with CMs, especially those at Premier Pins since they see a lot of me.


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          Ok, let me clarify a little more. Iwas the cast member at the register and I'll tell ya, my line was out the door. People were literally standing outside of the shop in line. I was the only cast member in there and it took me a half hour of ringing before the line finally stopped growing and came inside. I'm not a slow poke, but my concentration took away almost all of my ability to have any sort of conversation. I just wanted to get everyone taken care of, but I wasn't friendly while doing it. I don't mean I was rude or anything, I said hi, and thanks, but not much else. Would you all have thought I was rude, or just stressed? I felt kind of bad, but I didn't want people to have to stand in line so long just for a bag of candy.
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            As long as you weren't rude I don't think how you acted was wrong. I'm sure the people at the end of the line appreciated it!


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              As long as you were courteous and polite (which is sounds like you were) then no problem. I think that most people would understand!
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