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    Originally posted by travelmom
    II am going to be so emotional, (I always am), but I am just crazy with excitement!
    I agree with you on the emotional part. Just watching Bambi got to me about 5 minutes in. I was so happy; it looked so beautiful after being remastered. But, yeah, my mom said on July 17th, we're gonna take pictures like we never take with every food shaed like Mickey and everything. We're gonna behave like tourists and all. It's kinda weird cuz I hate the tourist thing, but it's Disneyland, so by now I could never be a tourist. I already warned my family that all day, I'm gonna cry like a baby all day about everything. Especially when it comes to stuff about Walt, I get so sentimental and he is probably my primary male hero, along with Jim Henson, which is practically the same, if you think about it....

    My goals for the 50th:
    1. Find the Golden 50th Mickey heads & take pictures
    2. Completely document EVERY trip I take from May until it ends in, what, Nov. 2006?
    I don't know...I just want to enjoy it, to be able to feel that feeling of history and all those wonderful feelings the park gives you.
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      Ride the gold vehicles, not all in one day, cause I think that will be impossible, but hey, I'll try.

      Orlando doing good
      Princess of Randomness


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        I have a simple goal.....I want to go the the park as often as I can!
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