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New Pixar-based attractions at the DLR?


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  • New Pixar-based attractions at the DLR?

    If you have not seen the article over at Jim Hill Media, check this out:

    Im not sure if I like the idea for the transition area. I still think there needs to be a E ticket type attraction there. As for DCA I think that ride system would be really cool and they could do a lot with it. I think thats a great idea.

    However, there is a point where you need to slow down "Pixar-based" attractions, isnt there?

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    hmm... a robot coaster attraction he said right?? Why does that sound familiar..

    (Ok when did Universal let go more creators..)


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      I don't really agree with "unnamed WDI vet" that Frontierland is really inappropriate for Woody, no more than the cheery World of Tomorrow on the other side of the hub is inappropriate for zap'em blast'em Buzz Lightyear and his robotic nemesis of doom. Davy Crockett isn't around anymore except in name so it's not like they have a cartoon cowboy hanging out next to a real man in cowboy gear. They also can't really "expand" the genuine character of Frontierland too much further without some additional violence or a less than flattering portrayal of Indians, so what harm does a big-head character do compared to those options?

      Maybe they could give Woody a Woody's Roundup set in Toontown similar to Mickey's House. They have a lot of room taken up by amusements that barely count as attractions. Or are Pixar characters treated like second class citizens and not allowed into ToonTown?

      As entertaining as WoodyLand would be, the park more importantly needs an E-ticket and that side of the park is looking like where they would be putting one.

      edited to add: That WDW sign in that article is terrible. "Walt Disney's Buzz Lightyear's Candy Blast"?
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