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Which Dark Ride Would You Prefer: "Muppets" or "Monsters Inc." ?


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  • Which Dark Ride Would You Prefer: "Muppets" or "Monsters Inc." ?

    Which would you prefer as a dark ride:

    "Muppets" or "Monsters Inc."
    Monsters Inc.

    The poll is expired.

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    I would entirely, no doubt about it, prefer Monsters Inc.

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      Muppets, especially if it meant getting rid of MuppetVision 3D. I mean no disrespect to the show, which I love (by the way), but shows are one thing DCA could have less of, and there's some prime space in the backlot yet to be utilized. But I guess there could be worse things than "Monsters".


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        Muppets! A Great Muppet Movie Ride would be awsome at DCA!


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          Monsters! Is Muppets even Disney? Sorry, I really don't know.


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            Personally, I would dig a Muppets ride. It's just that most people under 20 don't even know the muppets (except for Muppet Vision 3-D). They don't have any weekly tv show, or any cinema movie since Muppets From Space which I don't think did really well. Hopefully, Disney can repolish their image now that they own them.


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              It would have to be the muppets for me. How can you not love the muppets? I loved them as a kid! :bow:
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                I'm not a real muppets fan they're kinda bleh with me (sesame street is alright but it's not as good as it used to be, they devote too much to Elmo and they took away cookies from cookie monster I hear what is this world coming to? my pooor old childhood)

                Monsters might be ok if they can give it a decent reason for being in the backlot

                now were's the check button that I click to say add in the great Movie ride by combining it with Millionare and using the Hollywood and Dine for a que

                in the end it doesn't matter Monsters is predestined
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                  I dont think the muppets would be ride quality. Not much of a story line there, not alot of a wham affect.

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                    I think the potential with the muppets would be great. You don't have to use any storyline from the movies. If done right, and it's a big if, the muppets wouwere done with AA's that would look just like the muppets themselves and not cardboard cutouts it could be accomplished. If they didn't use AA's for them, and went with the Pooh treatment then I'd say Monsters Inc would work better.

                    Unfortunately the younger generations don't have any real connection to the muppets these days, and I hope that is something that will change with them now being a part of the company.


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                      Yeah, I think there needed to be a None of the Above choice.
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                        Yes, The Muppets are owned by Disney so a ride makes sense!


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                          I've voted for Sully etc as they are under-represented at all the Disney parks .
                          (Is under-represented even a word? It is now!)

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                            I lean towards the Muppets. Much more of a history and a huge stable of characters.

                            I notice several mentioned the younger children not knowing what they are. Isn't Sesame Street still in production at PBS? And there was that Elmo doll craze a few years ago.

                            Yo-Yo-Ma was interviewed recently and was asked how great it was winning his several Grammy Awards and he said it was nice but he gets much more of a thrill out of young concert goers coming up to him and saying they first fell in love with classical music and the violin when they were kids and saw him with the Muppets on their old show.
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                              Yes, the Muppets are classic. And a dark ride that does justice to them (AA versus overlay) would be great to see. I grew up with the Muppets, and my kids do enjoy them. But, they are much more aware of Mike and Sulley than Kermit and Miss Piggy. I guess it comes down to a choice of classic versus current/hip/cool.

                              [Besides, I've been waiting to ride a door through that factory ever since I saw MI! (hope they put that scene in...)]
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                                The Muppets would be fantastic! The AA characters would look exactly like them. Kids still know the Muppets. Heck, Kermit still shows up occasionly on Sesame Street. My five year old loves the muppets. Of course, we do have a Kermit shrine in our front room so that might have something to do with it.

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                                  If it was the long rumored "Great Muppets Movie Ride" I would certainly say Muppets.


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                                      the sesame street characters are not really considerd mupet characters. yes there are cross over characters but you never see bleeker on sesame st. and you never related mr. snuffalafagus as a muppet. as for a ride. it would have to be done just lke the great movie ride in orlando. you could have a wizard of oz scene, a singing in the rain, and a west side story scene. the muppets would make perfect AA creatures. could you imagine kermit shouting "IM THE KING OF THE WORLD"


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                                        Monsters. I don't think the Muppets have that "Disney feel". Muppets in a Disney park just seems weird to me.


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