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5.5.05 Details straight from City Hall


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  • 5.5.05 Details straight from City Hall

    I went to City Hall today to ask the details about lining up for next thursday and this is what I was told:

    -park opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM

    -parking structure opens at 8:00 AM

    -security will not allow any line-ups outside the bag check tents before 7:00 AM

    so if you want to line up first you'll have to park elsewhere and walk in.

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    what about reentries? cause parking somewhere and leaving to re-park in the structure after would be awesome.


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      So I guess it will be pretty much the same for 7-17 huh? I keep forgetting that they put the bag check gates at the sides now instead of right at entry. Grrrr at that. But I guess you can line up there as realy as you want right?
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        Gee's I hope there's no real problems with crowd control or anything

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          Dang it..... so much for my 05:05 line-up time. Hmmm..... must be a way around that....... loophole, I need a loophole....

          It's good to have goals. Heh.


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            Originally posted by tiggergrl
            Gee's I hope there's no real problems with crowd control or anything
            my thoughts exactly


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              Where else around the park can you (legally!) park all day?
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                Originally posted by NeverNeverland
                Where else around the park can you (legally!) park all day?
                You can park at the Anaheim Convention Center probably, for $8 per car.

                Also, most hotels offer overnight parking. But be prepared to pay out the nose for it!~
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                  ...unless you are staying at a hotel....I think parking is included? hmm...concept!
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