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Thinking of upgrading my Deluxe AP to Premium


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  • Thinking of upgrading my Deluxe AP to Premium

    My AP doesn't expire for another 8 months, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a Premium pass. Is the cost prorated? Will it change my expiration date?

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    The costs are NOT prorated, and you keep the same expiration date.

    So, if you paid $209 for your Deluxe, you would pay $120 (the difference between $329 and $209), and the AP would expire in December 2005.

    If you pay for parking the day you upgrade, make sure and bring your paid parking receipt. They will give you credit for that one day, since you will be getting a Parking Pass.

    You can upgrade at either the AP processing center, or at Guest Services, located to the left of the Disneyland main entrance.
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      Thanks, I figured it was worth asking.


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        I couldn't decide between the two when I had to renew, but with the parking being inlcuded, discounts on most food places, and discounts on merchandise, the Premium pass cost suddenly was almost equal to the Deluxe pass, so I went with the Premium


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          Remember that the difference between the Deluxe and Premium is $120...

          The parking Pass costs $49 on the Deluxe, free with the Premium.

          That leaves about $700 worth of purrchases to make the discount worth while.

          Only the Premium has the merchandise discount.

          While the Deluxe has a lot of food discounts, the Premium has a couple of additional places, and a 15% discount at a few locations.

          Many familes will get one Premium for the parking and discounts, and then the rest get Deluxe or SoCals to save money.
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