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When does the AP center close?


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  • When does the AP center close?

    Is the station open during all park hours, or does it close early? I'm planning on going to DL this saturday, but I will need to update my AP and I won't be able to get out there until the early evening. Is that too late or will I be ok?

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    Isn't thie AP Processing Center supposed to be moving to the Bank now too?
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      I got my AP at around 5 in the afternoon/evening and I had no problem. Right now, the PA center is in the exit to Space Mountain, but it is supposedly moving to the old Radio Disney station.
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        It closes an hour before park closing.


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          When I called about this a few weeks ago they said that they were open at park closing but you should be there an hour before in case there's a line. I posted here too about it!


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