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CM Guest Passes Privileges Revoked?


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    melmel, if you were hired through the college program, then you are a CT with a pink pass

    You do get advancement opportunities as I know several college program CT's who became leads. If you stay on after the summer, you will probably be bumped up to CR.
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      Originally posted by mrmainstreet
      No and Yes. For the colors I was refering to were the color of your ID card, the one with your picture on it that you use to clock in and out with and all of that jazz.

      The main gate passes that basically all post-90day CMs have (possibly not the CTs, I'm sure someone out there knows) are blue. For those higher ups, there are the silver passes, you can guess which color those are. The Silver Pass can be given to someone else and also bestows upon them a 35% discount on all merchandise. And no, I don't have one.
      You should get one. They are quite nice
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