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    Originally posted by Ghostbuster626
    Let me end your confusion:

    Tommorowland'98 was not an EVOLUTION of tommorowland it was more of a change in theme..a dumb, not-completly-thought-out overlay. New management realizes this and their removing the overlay and restoring the tommorowland that was there before TL'98 with updates. So think of it like this:

    Tommorowland'87 => Tommorowland'98: Change in theme
    Tommorowkand'98 => Upgraded Tommorowland'87: Restoration of theme + small evolution.

    We arent going back to the old days we are getting the rides that were shut down as part of the "victorian overlay" back with improvements and changes so progress is being made. No matter which way you look at it YOU still come out ahead!

    Replay in your mind the scene in Lord Of The Rings when Gandalf releases Theoden from Saruman's evil spell.
    Theoden under spell = Tomorrowland 1998
    Theoden released from spell = Tomorrowland 2005 returning to "normal."
    Saruman = Pressler/Harris
    Gandalf = Ouimet
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      Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
      Do you realize what you just said? You said that to improve TOMORROWLAND, we should GO BACK to the 1980's?!?!?!

      One of the most confusing things is that People say let's go back to the old days in the very land themed to the future!
      Well the thinking at WDI for the "Victorian" Tomorrowland was instead of trying to predict the future, present a future from a "Timeless" era, so that the "Future" doesnt date so quickly. That was one of the reasons (someone from WDI said) why Tomorrowland was also being redone, the future always caught up with it....but by creating a Fantasy future on that isnt out true future but instead a classic view of things ahead of a time....your Tomorrowland isnt a tired prediction of things to come (yes we've BEEN to the Moon, lets change it to a trip to MARS! )

      However Im not sure that going back to the 1980's is a great idea. I love Tomorrowland, I even like the promise of the 98 overlay (Im a big fan of SteamPunk...not that this WAS steampunk) but putting everything back the way it was isnt seems like a sort of uninspired move. YES I want to se the peoplemover again! Thats my big excitement, and The Subs too! But taking out the Astro Orbiter and putting it back ontop of the Peoplemover loading platform seems superfluous, I like them where they are....the new entrance is kinda coolwith the rock work and everything....are they going to take THAT out too?
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        Right... isn't Time Travel still something futuristic?
        Going back to, say, 1988 is just like Sam Becket going back to fix something that was never supposed to happen.

        But I agree, let's not freeze Tomorrowland in Carbonite. Let's just acknowledge that, at least aside from an Eisner touch here or there, it was still a forward-looking land completely unlike the other lands, square, and country of its time. It had that Spark, that spirit that made it special, and that spirit should be what drives the evolution of Tomorrowland, not what has a large unadjusted gross in the theaters.

        As for PeopleMover... it's important to note again that Disneyland isn't an amusement park, it's a themepark, and what better ride than PeopleMover to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of such an excellent theme. It really is the DRR of Tomorrowland. It would be great if they could redo the Monorail station as scheduled to also include a new station for the PeopleMover, so you can experience the two systems the way we would have if Walt had ever gotten to build his EPCOT... Then if you fuse the track between Buzz and Star Tours, you could pull out those pylons and track from the TL hub, and create a truly dramatic new Rocket Jets, loading at ground level and climbing a three-story gantry...
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        -- Walt Disney


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          excellent points!

          I wish they put air conditioning in the Monorail, and seal the windows during the summer!

          I always loved it, but sometimes I can't breathe!
          Goin around the world...and back to Disneyland!


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