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La Petite Patisserie: Open or Closed?


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  • La Petite Patisserie: Open or Closed?

    Is the Pastry Window open or closed? Its always closed when I go to DL, yet it is still listed on the Disneyland website???

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    Always closed. They sometimes decorate cookies there during the holidays.
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      I haven't seen it open in YEARS!


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        Why it is still listed on, complete with graphics and a description, I will never know.


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          I don't know if that window is even there anymore. For the last MouseAdventure in DL, one of the quests was to find certain signs or awnings and the awning was one, but DL had taken it out the night before. That may have meant that it's gone, but I don't know. I shall look on Friday for you and perhaps ask someone...
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            Pity, b/c the "waffle on a stick" gauffres were awesome! They sell those at DLP, along with crepes!

            Mmmm.... crepe ODV carts...

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              The Cast Member Reference Guide still shows it closed.


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