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The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***


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  • The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

    This thread is for all members and guests either participiting or considering to join in the fabulousness that is the MiceChat Gumball Rally. The challenge, to attempt to ride every attraction at Disneyland (no DCA) in one day's time. Are you able to take that challenge? Below is the account of one such group attempting their own practice run. If you would like more information about the Gumball Rally (or it's sister event, the MiceQuest), please follow this link: Gumball Rally and MiceQuest Information.

    And without any further ado, let the tale commence:

    Chapter 1
    Our tale begins on a hot, sunny Sunday morning in August. The two intrepid adventurers, CaptPhoebus and Crazy Legs (along with some very handy sidekicks), set off in search of the fabled Gumball Machine. Unfortunately, due to some poor planning, our two adventurers only had but 1 item to help them throughout the day.

    This setback did not deter our trusty adventurers and off they went. Wandering up the Main Street, a talking trash can caught our eye.

    The talking trash can, PUSH, informed the two about a marvelous thing called a FASTPASS

    PUSH had started to direct our adventurers to the location of the fabled treasure, but the evil agents arrived and threatened “Off with his head!” if he dared help the adventurers further

    Quickly leaving the area, afraid of being captured, the adventurers set out to the far off land known as Critter Country, where no evil would seem to go. Or had it? The two set foot for the 100 Acre Woods, hoping for their first lead.

    Finding only pots of hunny, they started to look elsewhere

    The two found a local, hoping that he might be able to help them out. But he was too busy laughing, to be of much assistance.

    But the local was really telling the adventurers where they might look next, the local “laughing place”

    No luck at the “laughing place.” The adventurers decide where to look next.

    Leaving that Country of Critters behind, the two entered a land full of pirates. The adventurers both agreed that they best be careful sailing in these dangerous territories.

    Our brave adventurers managed to sneak aboard the Pirates’ ship. And while they discovered countless treasures, including a heavy chest, they had not found what they were searching for.

    Returning to shore, the adventurers decided to wet their whistles at the local saloon, hoping for any leads to their treasure.

    Not getting the information they were looking for, an Indian maiden told our adventurers of a legend hidden the nearby Mountain.

    “Could this be the fabled Gumball Machine?” our adventurers asked each other. And off they went, deep into the mountain.

    There they found lots of yellow ore and machinery, but not what they were looking for.

    Having no luck in the area, our trusty adventurers set out to catch the train out of town, but nothing came.

    Stay tuned, for there is more of this story to tell…..
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            Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

            Chapter 6
            With all of that celebrating going on, the adventurers can only hope that their quest is nearing an end. Hearing a hunch about celebrating birds, the adventurers make a mad dash to check it out.

            Unfortunately, the gods were not happy with all the celebrating. Quickly avoiding the oncoming retribution, the intrepid duo sneaks out (with the drink of the gods).

            About to give up, the adventurers run into some familiar faces

            They offered some sage advice, which the adventurers gladly accepted, and off they went. They suggested checking out the heart of Africa, where no one has dared go before (except the skipper, every 8 minutes). While exploring, jungle fever set in, and once on land, all the passengers left in a hurry.

            But not all was lost for our adventurers, rumors of a strange temple were heard, which the brave adventurers headed out to find.

            While no Gumball Machine was found in the temple, the Goddess Mara granted them the insight to find the fabled Gumball Machine.

            Returning to the Land of the Beginning, the adventurers found the designated area, The Candy Palace. Quickly finding a familiar shaped bag, one adventurer exclaims “Gumballs!” The other adventurer looks at the bag and says “Sourballs. Not Gumballs.”

            Looking deeper into the store, the adventurers find what they’ve been searching for.

            And as they pick up their Treasure, and band strikes up a congratulatory song.

            The End!

            Coming soon, join Crazy Legs and CaptPhoebus on their next spine-tingling adventure: “DCA: What Lies Beyond Those Golden Gates”


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              Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

              What adventure we had. Please Join us on the next adventure September 30th.

              Sign up now there are many people looking for teammates.
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                Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                Awesome pics Capt. Thanks for sharing. I had fun hanging out with you guys. Maybe I'll see you guys next time I'm there and we can get annother "drink of the gods".
                FIRST DLR TRIP - 1981

                FIRST DLP TRIP - March 1997

                FIRST WDW TRIP - May/June 2006

                FIRST HKDL TRIP - 2016?

                FIRST TDLR TRIP - 2017?

                FIRST SHDL TRIP - 2019?


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                  Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                  Some info on costs


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                    Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                    Simply Fab-U-Luss! What a great story. Thank you ever so much for sharing a tour of pretty much the entire wonderous land of Disney.


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                      Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                      "Wow. What an adventure."
                      Woo if this doesn't get people fired up...
                      Good morning, son
                      In twenty years from now
                      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                      And I can tell you 'bout today
                      And how I picked you up and everything changed
                      It was pain
                      Sunny days and rain
                      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                        Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                        You guys are adorable! I am signed up for the Quest, and I am really looking forward to it!


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                          Re: The Quest for the Gumball - A Story in 6 Parts. ***Photo Heavy***

                          Ooooh. Looks like soo much fun. I want to participate sooo bad, but I'm going to be in Toledo,OH till December w/ work. Anyone from Ohio want to make our own quest?? hehe...wishful thinking i know, but I heard it said once "when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true...." hehe.


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