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Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures


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  • Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

    Sitting here anticipating my up and coming trip to the Disneyland Resort, my grandson and I began discussing what the the most photographed things are at the Resort. They can be people, places, and things. My personal list was different than his. I have been to Disneyland before, and Sean has not.

    Here's my list Not necessarily in order of importance..

    1. The Disneyland, Population and Elevation Sign.
    2. The Mickey Floral.
    3. The sign above the Tunnel.
    4. The Firehouse Light in Walt's Apartment.
    5. CityHall
    6. The Castle
    7. The Partners Statue
    8. The Matterhorn
    9. The California Sign
    10.. California Screamin

    Now my grandson's list included characters, the monorail, the flag, and Dumbo. He also said people take pictures of themselves.

    There are many things that I still need to take pictures of at Disneyland and I am so glad I will have the opportunity again to do that in the near future. I have to get a good picture of the Club 33 sign, for one example.

    So what would your list look like. What do you think are the top 10 Photographed Subjects at the entire Disneyland Resort?

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    Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

    The mickey and/or whinnie the pooh meet and greet.


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      Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

      Here's my list.

      1. Castle (easily the most posted on the internet)
      More correctly, familiy & friends w/ castle
      2. Main Stree w/ Castle in back
      3. Mickey Floral
      4. DLRR
      5. Matterhorn
      6. Mickey (hmmm.... maybe this should be #1)
      7. CA sign
      8. PP from afar
      9. GRR from afar
      10. Partners Statue


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        Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

        1. Mickey Floral (with or without group in front)
        2. Mickey Mouse
        3. Castle up close (with or without group)
        4. Partners Statue
        5. Sign above tunnel
        6. Main St. with Castle backdrop
        7. Pirates of the Caribbean ride sign
        8. Matterhorn
        9. Fireworks
        10. Parade

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          Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

          For me, in no particular order:

          1. Family with the floral Mickey head

          2. Family with the castle

          3. The Matterhorn from the cue at Mad Tea the lanterns in the pic. Always have!

          4. The kids and Mickey Mouse. Better if it's on Main St. and not in his stupid house in ToonTown!

          5. The kids and Cinderella. She's our favorite, we have the most pics with her.

          6. Family on the steps of a courtyard in New Orleans Square. We've done it for Christmas card pics the last few years, too. So pretty!

          7. The family in a tea cup. Totally posed now, since the girls are older and we can't all ride in one tea cup.

          8. A ghetto scan photo of our photo on Splash Mountain.

          9. A ghetto scan photo of our photo on Space Mountain.

          10. A pic of the girls on Dumbo. Again, totally posed, since we now ride in three different Dumbos!


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            Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

            Love your picture choices, Stinkerbell.

            Hoping more MiceChatters will list their Top Ten.


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              Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures


              Years ago, I was told that the picture of "floral Mickey head" in front of the train station was the #1 place people took pictures and that Kodak said that 3% of all picture/film in the world was used at a Disney Location (DL or WDW).
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                Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

                Originally posted by Barbaraann
                Love your picture choices, Stinkerbell.

                Hoping more MiceChatters will list their Top Ten.
                Repeating some, not others...

                Again, in no particular order

                Sleeping Beauty's Castle (maybe from the Fantaslyland side, just to be different), shots from the Snow White area on a sunny day to get both castle and reflection on the water

                Snow White's Wishing Well

                Mickey's floral in front of Train Station

                View from upper level of Train Station looking down Main Street

                NOS courtyard and view of hotels and buildings adjacent to the NOS train station (by the rest rooms adjacent to the French Market)

                The Matterhorn - I like it from the Tomorrowland side best, but any angle is good

                View of Frontierland and NOS from the top deck of the Mark Twain - I especially like the Mark Twain-Columbia sign with the clock in the middle

                Shots of the Mark Twain or Columbia and the Rivers of America from New Orleans Square

                Haunted Mansion exterior and grave stones, etc...

                Used to have many in Tomorrowland but today they're in Yesterland...

                Hope this helps...
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                  Re: Top Ten Disneyland Resort Pictures

                  This thread has gotten lots of views. I really wish more MiceChatters would post their Top Ten Lists.


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