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  • Disneyland Music

    Besides VF do you guys know any other website that carries disneyland music and also do you know what website carry other disney park music like paris or tokyo

    Another thing do anyone know where I can find a page like but for the out of country park. the links there dont work anymore
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    pshhh i guess

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    The Sound of Magic
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      Originally posted by Trader Sam
      I love The Sound Of Magic. I don't love that it hasn't been updated since Oct 2003. However I do understand that it's one guy and he's got a life outside of the Internet.

      He used to have this instrumental version of the Tiki Room song that was cool. Wish I could find that again...
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        If you're looking for something in particular, chances are that someone on these boards has it! Just ask.
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          Have you heard about the "A Musical History of Disneyland" set? Six CDs chock full of Disneyland music from past and present (even future- it has the new space mountain track on it.) Pure bliss. I ordered one on Disneydirect over the phone- I think they're out now though.


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            Check out the latest photos uploaded by MouseMinglers...


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              Ok then well what i really need is the full versions of
              -Space Mountain DisneyWorld
              -Winnie The Pooh (queue music too)
              -Journey to the Center of the Earth
              pshhh i guess


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                Originally posted by Club 33
                i have been trying for over a week, website not responding

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