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HydroGuy's Hotel Rule


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  • HydroGuy's Hotel Rule


    Get a nearby hotel within easy walking distance

    Who This Rule Affects

    Multi-Day visitors, and Day visitors who must drive a long way and need a hotel


    After spending oodles of money to visit DLR, why waste time getting back and forth to the parks? And why make it harder to take an afternoon hotel break?

    DLR has three resort hotels and numerous good neighbor hotels within easy walking distance to the park gates (5-15 minute walk). If you are getting a hotel, why not stay at one of these?

    If you stay at a nearby hotel, you never have to wait for a bus or take time to get back and forth to your car. You just take a short walk. This will help you spend more time at the parks and keep you fresher. It will also help ensure you will get there for park opening which is essential if you want to experience more rides.

    On my last trip to DLR I sat with a family on a Grizzly River Run raft who were visiting DLR for three days from Arizona. They chose a Marriott hotel about 1.5 miles from DLR. They decided to use the ART system ( ) for transportation. They told me on the previous two mornings they had had to wait over an hour for a bus to DLR. What a shame to waste this much time they could have spent inside the parks with their children – all because of a poor hotel choice.

    Helpful Hotel Links

    "How Far Is It?" (shows actual distances in feet from hotels to DLR entrance plaza)

    "Walking Distance Accommodations" (shows hotels within walking distance)

    "Bret's Disneyland Lodging Map" (shows hotel locations around DLR)

    Disneyland Resort Information:

    Why Did I Post This Rule?

    I find myself posting answers to the same question in different threads, and decided to make a list of “rules” to which I or others can quickly link in the future. In addition, the ideas behind the rule are often posted by others so I do not claim originality for the rule.

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    Re: HydroGuy's Hotel Rule

    We stayed at the Hilton Anaheim. It might be a little farther than some of the other Good Neighbor Hotels. However you can easily walk to the Timon Lot and take a Tram from there. You can always take a Tram back to the Timon Lot, and then easily walk back to the Hotel. I don't mind a little walking, and you can also purchase an ART pass and take a bus back and forth.

    Navigating DLR is a lot easier than WDW. However, WDW has better hotels over all.


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      Re: HydroGuy's Hotel Rule

      great rule! i totally agree with this one! we always stay at the disneyland hotel because it is so close to dl, dca, and downtown disney. it also allows us to go back at any point and take a rest.
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        Re: HydroGuy's Hotel Rule

        We stayed at the Grand Californian in October 2005 and it was SO easy to get from the room to the parks. Definitley worth the money.


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