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Too many Disney theme park bosses


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  • Too many Disney theme park bosses

    Way back in the days of hostile takeovers and culture change at Disney, the company was small enough for the CEO and President to not only keep track of Disneyland, but personally intervene and make it the sparkling jewel in the crow of Disney. But Disney has bloated up to corporation proportions and now there are so many levels of management for the parks, I don't even think Iger cares anymore.

    The thing is, Disneyland alone has Ed Grier, Al Weiss, and Jay Rasulo running the place. It is no longer run by one person and if you want to do something, you have to go through 2 or 3 other people.

    These positions are fairly new and I think they are finally having an impact on Disneyland. The one-size-fits-all nature of Disney theme parks nowadays has shown that there are so many Disney parks in the world nowadays, they want to streamline the process of running them.

    I think it will only get worse as more parks open and as the management piles on. Sadly, I think that Paul Pressler was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Disneyland bungling. Matt Ouimet left probably out of frustration, and that doesn't bode well for the future of Disneyland.

    Hopefully I'm wrong about it, but it just seems that 3 people running Disneyland (2 of them running a dozen other resorts too) isn't a good thing.

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    Re: Too many Disney theme park bosses

    I totally agree with you. Lean management allows for quick decision making and flexibility. Business should be run like an army. When an army has one top general who knows what he is doing, then decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

    The old Soviet Union was run from a central location by a committee. That style of leadership showed to be disastrous. The old Soviet Union was hemorrhaging money and was dependent on "loans" from the West.

    The best leadership has only ONE head. When a committee is running things, there are always people who will object to any change. Innovators are always shunned. I saw a cartoon once that showed a bus to be driven by a committee. The salesperson said, that the bus was equipped with four steering wheels, 24 brake peddles, and one accelerator.

    The best leadership is always LOCAL. When you are far away from what you are running, misjudgments are frequent. You have to be close to the ground to know what is going on. One size does not fit all.

    A few years ago Disney decided that all of its resorts would have at least two parks. DL Paris was losing money and just starting to be established. To meet this arbitrary rule, they hastily put together Disney Studios Paris. It was so under funded and poor quality that it reflects on the quality of Disneyland Paris. Money has had to be funneled to WDP to try to "fix" the problem depriving money from DLP. All because the "central committee" decided that all resorts would have two parks.

    Disney should vest as much power locally as possible. That leader should be responsible for what happens.
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