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Birthday Button or Not?


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  • Birthday Button or Not?

    I am visiting the Disneyland Resort from the 27th of August until the 3rd of September with my grandson, and a family of good friends. I did not choose the dates for the trip. I was invited after the family that I am traveling with had already chosen the dates.

    Here's my question. My Birthday is on September the 4th. Am I able to get a Birthday Button or not? What is the policy? I figure that since technically I will be back in Chicago, by the time my birthday comes, I am not entitled to a button. My grandson agrees with this assumption. He says, what I say. I miss it, by one day.

    Celebrating a birthday at a Disney Theme Park is not new to me. I celebrated my 50th Birthday at WDW. I didn't know about the button thing however. So I don't have that souvenir.

    Birthdays at Disney. Comments, anyone?

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    Re: Birthday Button or Not?

    You just have to ask for it. As far as I know you aren't limited to celebrating your birthday on the actual date. The CM at the check in desk urged me to wear my button the entire trip!

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      Re: Birthday Button or Not?

      you go for it girl!! And have a terrific time !! ( I can not wait to see the next set of pictures !


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        Re: Birthday Button or Not?

        Barbarann go for it. You are celebrating your birthday while you are out there right? Going to Disneyland is party of the celebration. I mean if it isn't go ahead! So what if you miss it by one actual day. Go for it anyway! Have a wonderful time. Do I ever wish I was going for my birthday.
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          Re: Birthday Button or Not?

          Make sure you wear your birhday button (or sticker) when you visit the tortilla factory at DCA. You will get a dozen fresh tortillas just for the asking! They are yummy!


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            Re: Birthday Button or Not?

            Every day's your birthday at DL! Just go and get one! they won't check your ID, promise!!
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              Re: Birthday Button or Not?

              I always get a birthday sticker on the trip that we go that's closest to my birthday. They'll be more than happy to help you celebrate Have a great time.
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                Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                And if it's not your birthday... stop by the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups and have a very merry un-birthday!

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                  Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                  And make sure, after you get your sticker, that you take that phone call!

                  If you go to BB or Storyteller's for dinner, dessert will be on the house.


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                    Originally posted by Barbaraann
                    Here's my question. My Birthday is on September the 4th. Am I able to get a Birthday Button or not? What is the policy?
                    Go for it. There's no rule. If you were going in September and your birthday was in April, then yeah, I'd think that was weird. But a day, even a week or two, no biggie.

                    BTW, I have a birthday page posted that you might find useful. The only change is that most of the merchandise at the cart outside Plaza Inn is no longer available. Otherwise, have a great trip!


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                      Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                      You have the same birthday as me


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                        Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                        Um... KC and I will be there Dec. 2nd and our birthday is the 5th... maybe she and I could get out button too!!

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                          Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                          I went the day after my bday last year and still got a sticker. Like NeverNeverland said, they don't check ID's.


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                            Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                            I had a BAD time at the Plaza Inn for my birthday. Let's just say I had to request a birthday sticker when it was already on my reservation slip. When I took my boyfriend for his birthday to Storytellers, he got cake, a song, and he felt special.

                            Maybe I'm bitter, but no more birthdays at DL for me.
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                              Re: Birthday Button or Not?

                              Vic and I recently took a friend to Disneyland for her birthday. When you get off the tram, head directly for the Grand Californian Hotel. Go to Guest Relations and ask for a birthday pin. You'll get one, no questions asked. You'll also be treated very nicely!

                              You can only get the pin at the hotel. The Main St. Town Hall can give you a paper sticker. Go to the hotel and get a nice permanent reminder of your special day.

                              If the Lily Belle is on the tracks, courteously ask if you can have a ride. You MAY get the thrill of a lifetime. ...or you may not. It doesn't hurt to ask nicely, though.

                              Our friend was wished a Happy Birthday many, many times by friendly CMs.

                              Have a great day!
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