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Film Crews at Disneyland


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  • Film Crews at Disneyland

    These photos were taken on Tues. the 26th...

    The guy in the blue shirt must be the host. He kept talking about New Orleans Square and then opened up Club 33.

    Mr. Blue Shirt let a guy with a camera into Club 33.

    A little bit later, I saw a few more camera crews on the left side of the castle. There were cables leading from the castle to their spot. I still have no clue what they were filming.

    This pic is unrelated to that, but I had never really noticed this door before this man walked in...

    After a minute he popped out on top of the castle from ANOTHER door I had never noticed... (look on the right side below the turret and a little to the right)

    And the last pic is of a GIANT spiderweb on the pillars at the entrance to HM. It wasn't there on monday, but tuesday, there it was. I think this is where the HM hidden 50 will go.

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    My neck hurts. :lol:

    But thanks for the pics! Hope someone knows what this is about.
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    My finger points.


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      lol sorry! I thought the same thing when I posted... I'll try to turn 'em around!


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        That was like a workout but thanks for sharing.
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          Ok, rotated the pictures, I'll try to resize them after I get back from work, if the moderators don't get to it first...


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            All I see are red Xs.
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              Ok, resized and rotated them. Enjoy!


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                Originally posted by Soulquarian
                These photos were taken on Tues. the 26th...
                This pic is unrelated to that, but I had never really noticed this door before this man walked in...

                Umm. Could they be bringing back the castle walkthru!?
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                  What great pictures!!! I wonder if it's something for the travel channel!!!
                  Disneyland Secrets! Ohhhhhhhh

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                    I saw cable in the moat and around various places yesterday. It would be great if they brought back the castle walk-thru. It's one of those places that I miss when I walk through the castle.

                    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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                      Is that a CM going through that door- cuz it looks like a regular Muggle to me.
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                        Yes. I miss the castle walk thru as well. I love dioramas and the ones in
                        there were very good. Also it was the only place (beyond the tile mosaics) that
                        told the story of Sleeping Beauty in the whole DL. I always used to give the turnstiles several extra turns. :-)

                        Also it was a very nice respite from the heat in the summer.


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                          He was some kind of lighting guy. Moments later he was on the second level of the castle adjusting some of the lights. I don't think the walk-through is coming back, because everyone seemed to be working on the castle's exterior.


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