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How Would You Hide the 50th Mickey's?


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  • How Would You Hide the 50th Mickey's?

    Last edited by Dirton; 04-28-2005, 11:21 AM.

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    Oh sure! you'll all look at the thread and complain about the hidden mickeys but you won't post suggestions!

    Come on people!


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      On the bottom of a Jungle Cruise boat! :devil:
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        I don't know where most of the hidden Mickeys are posted currently, but I would put two sets out. One that could be seen when walking around the park, and a separate set (maybe in a different color) that could only be seen from within the rides.
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          How about on the toilet seats??


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            I think it would be awesome if on the JC dock they had rope as one of the 50th mickeys. They also could put a really small one on an eye patch of a pirate or skull and give it a little 50th and crossbones look to it.


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              A hidden 50 as a vein of gold in the Big Thunder rockwork.
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                My favourite so far is the one on small world because you actually have to look for it.
                As for where i'd put one........ no idea. I think there almost everywhere. I would probably have made them less obvious ,although for the average day-tripper they want to be able to spot them all so they cant be too hidden.


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                  I would put a hidden 50 in the toy room in Peter Pan as well as on Dumbos hot on the red band... I would also put one in the snow on the matterhorn... and in the center of the steering wheel on a doxen autopia cars...
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