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Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06


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  • Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

    Well What a fun and interesting day we had down at the resort. It was Bats Day at the DLR and all the Goths were out in full force. Also it was the Birthday of our favorite Disney disher, Al Lutz.

    We, as usual, were getting to the park with Minutes to spare. I suggested we park in the Structure for no particular reason... Bad move.

    It took us 15 minutes to make it to the parking booths even with most of the lines open.

    We were sent to the Donald level, not a good sign, and headed to the escalators. WOW they were working! We jumped onto the tram and headed right in.

    The security checkpoint was moving quiuckly and the cast members did their jobs very well.

    Tons of people were at the ticket booths... well as the gates.

    Then I began to see the Goths here to celebrate BATS DAY!!!!!!!

    We got into the park and it was VERY BUSY.

    A goth enjoys the Dapper Dans

    Late, because of the awful traffic, we finally made it to the HUb aka Goth Central.

    The MiceChat meet was in full swing and many of our own MC'ers got into Bats Day with their own maudlin garb and ornate laced garments.

    Soon I was accepted into the Bat Tribe and given a little "Battitude" my Morrigoon.

    The Goth feeling slowly overtakes Fishbulb as Morrigoon
    applies the requisite black eyeliner to his eyes.

    A spectacular costume by a non-MC'er

    MissChristine and Scarlion pose for a pic

    The Frogberto Family in non Goth, show off
    their support for all things dark.

    another fabulous non-MC costume

    Mother and baby get into the fun!


    A panoramic shot of the Hub in all it's deathly glory.

    Soon the Goths migrated to the front of the Castle for the BIG BAT DAY PIC. WOW!

    A see of Black.

    After afew goodbyes...

    Fishbulb and RoseRedAngel

    JudiMouse and a still goth Fishbulb

    ... Al decided upon the Jazz Kitchen in Down Town Disney as his Birthday Lunch Location.

    Jack Sparrow crossed our paths as we headed down Main Street.

    We migrated out of Disneyland and headed down.

    The newly opened Fossil store.

    Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

    After a bit of a wait, 22 in our party (YIPES!) we were seated, together, in the main dining room. COOL!

    Darkbeer's Bucket Brigade shirt folds in an unfortunate manner.

    InnerSpaceMan and EvilMinnion chuckle at the shirt

    The band sang happy birthday to Al, and I think
    that, despite himself, he really enjoyed it.

    We had LOTS to drink.

    We all ate, and drank and wished our own Al Lutz the best of Birthdays.


    After the meal we headed back on the tram and were greeted by an escalator that decided to stop working for the day. FOR GOD'S SAKE! IS IT THAT HARD TO KEEP THESE THINGS GOING?

    I have never seen escalators break down or get shut off with such frequency. Step up to the plate for crying out loud Disney and fix this. All of these people are a lawsuit waiting to happen if they have to climb this far up broken escalators with jagged edges. Why don't you just build a staircase out of broken glass?!?! That, at least, would be as dangerous but not break down as often.


    okay better now.

    Happy Birthday Al, and Happy Bats day to all!!!

    The End
    Last edited by Fishbulb; 08-20-2006, 09:31 PM.
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    Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

    As always great trip report Fishy :clap: I LOVE the pictures!!!

    Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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      Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

      Awsome !!!! Thank you for sharing, I loved the mix of black and white. I really enjoyed this thread pics. you did an awsome job ( as usual


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        Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

        All the black and whited pictures were esceeeering me. I wasnt sure if it was my eyes or the work of Fishy.


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          Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

          Great report Fishbulb. Is it just me or do all the dark colors and such make me want to cry. it looks depressing. Maybe I am just strange.
          Originally posted by aashee
          We are 100% grade A Disney Dorks.


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            Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

            *applauds heartily*Always beautiful pictures, Norm. ^_^ And I love the photoshopping. *runs to make new avatar*
            Ask me to share your fantasies, dear, but don't ask me where tomorrow is
            Don't ask me where to find happiness, though I know for sure where sorrow is

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              Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

              I dont get it? whats so hard about walking up an escalator thats broken..

              ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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                Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                Awesome! What program are you using for the color/black and white pictures?? I want! I want! Christmas is coming and I need to start making a list for my DH!

                Back on topic :0) , Awesome report! Bravo! Bat day looked fabulous.

                To live would be an awfully big adventure.


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                  Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                  Great day...Great fun...Great pics...

                  Thanks Fishbulb!
                  Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                  it's what they are like in their HEART!

                  - Wolfette


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                    Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                    Originally posted by Disney Analyst
                    I dont get it? whats so hard about walking up an escalator thats broken..
                    Its simple. They are broken, A LOT. And when you have the worlds largest parking structure, which is what, 8 stories tall, climbing said broken escalators to get to your car, if you happen to be parked on the 8th floor of said parking structure, and you go as often as some of us do, can get tiresome. Especially when escalators are suppose to be there to ESCALATE you. Hope that answered your question

                    Now, about those pictures of FB in mascara......


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                      Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                      Great report my Normy!! I'm sorry I wan't able to make it today! I have been feeling under the weather all week!!!!
                      But I'm glad a good time was had by all!!!!


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                        Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                        Thanks for sharing!

                        I forgot what day it was today and saw a hearse leaving the parking structure as I was driving in. Then I was like ... yes! I love the outfits and all of the interesting people.
                        One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.

                        Originally posted by Mouse princess
                        Of course I am worried about your mental health. I want happiness for all. Like we can all be like the Smurfs. But without Gargomel. He was mean.


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                          Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                          I really enjoyed the pictures. I was there on Friday and there was just ONE lonely "Goth" girl. I couldn't figure out if she had gotten her date's wrong or ???


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                            Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                            Really great pictures. Bat's Day must be a really interesting day to be in the park.

                            And about the escalators. Escalators can never break down, they can only become stairs. They should put out a sign in front that says "Escalators temporarily stairs, sorry for the convenience"


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                              Re: Fishbulb's Bats Day Trip Report 08/20/06

                              Exxxxcellent Work Smithers.... I mean Fishbulb! Nice job with the pictures they really look great and love the shots of the goth groups! Thank you.:thumbup: :clap:
                              Last edited by Alchimedes; 08-21-2006, 12:00 AM.
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