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Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip


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  • Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

    No pictures sadly, (I did take a couple of pictures but they are of my Future-Sister-In-Law and I didn't ask her permission to post them online) since we were on a very tight schedule, but we managed to get most of everything done that we had planned and that is a major accomplishment on 9 hours on a summer day.

    This trip was originally planned to just be a trip to San Diego where my fiance and I would meet up with his sister, whose birthday it was and who was flying in from Indiana. My fiance and I go to San Diego every year for the Old Globe Shakespeare Festival there and this year his sister wanted to join us. Prior to meeting me, my fiance had never been to Disneyland and wasn't a Disney fan (went to the World when he was five and was very ill at the time so his memories are few and somewhat negative) but I managed to convert him last fall. It was actually his suggestion that we take his sister as she had the same background as him when it came to Disney stuff. Since we only had four days for the trip and theatre tickets for Friday and Saturday the only day we had free was Thursday after flying in.

    We all arrived in San Diego at about 10:50 and met at baggage and then took the Hertz shuttle to our waiting vehicle and ran to a Subway to pick up lunch. My fiance's sister still had no idea where we were going and was bugging us to tell her, she figured it out once we were on I-5 heading North and out of San Diego. She was actually quite excited. We arrived at the Candy Cane Inn at about 2pm and sadly they did not yet have our room ready but said that we would be fine to check-in after the park closed. We were then off, on foot, to the parks.

    We entered the gates of Disneyland at about 2:30 after being stuck in a long line and being run over by strollers a few times. We walked under the train tracks and the first thing we see is Tigger. Now, I must explain my future-sister-in-law, her motto is "Happy people must be kicked." So when my fiance asked if she wanted a picture with Tigger she was like "NO!" but then we saw Eeyore and she was like "Yes, Eeyore is my boy!" Heh! So I gave them the camera, took their tickets and headed off to get FastPasses for Space.

    We then met at the Gibson Girl and started our trip off right with some ice cream. Next we headed for the Single Rider line at Splash, since it isn't marked both my FI and FSIL thought I was crazy but when we managed to get on the ride in 15 minutes when it was a 60 minute wait they were finally made believers. As my FSIL put it "I never knew someone who KNEW things before." Heh!

    We then rode Haunted Mansion and I volunteered to ride alone since my FSIL was a little bit freaked out. I had never riden alone before on HM but I focused on the new additions, which I was seeing for the first time and seeing the original HM, which I haven't seen since 1999. My FI, who had only ever seen HMH said he perfered that version, which of course, I agree (see avatar) but I was jazzed to finally see the Bride! So jazzed in fact, that while walking out of the Mansion I turned to my FI and FSIL and said "The Bride was awesome!" and then promptly turned around and ran RIGHT into a waist high pole! Ow! Funny though!

    Next we went over to POTC and enjoyed the new additions there as well. Then while FI and FSIL checked out the Nightmare shop I ran off to get Indy FastPasses. I came back and spent my obligatory "way too much money" on NBC items (including a Jack Skellington antenna ball that looks amazing on my car...*squeee*). We then checked in at Cafe Orleans for our 5pm dinner ressies. We went there instead of our usual Blue Bayou because they have the three cheese monte cristo and my FSIL is a vegitarian. My FI had the regular monte cristo and I got the small salad and just had one section of my FI's monte cristo. The salad was really good and they didn't even charge us a split-plate fee. I also got one of the collectable Pirates Dubloons, but I sadly just discovered that the chocolate dubloon that I didn't eat melted all over it.

    After dinner we headed over to DCA and I got Soarin' FastPasses on our way to Grizzly. My FSIL has never really been on rollercoasters before and while we were on Grizzly some teenage girls started telling her how fun it was and after that she took it as a challenge that "If those punk little girls can do it, I can!" So we warmed her up by taking her on Mulholland Madness, which actually scared her pretty bad but she managed to suck it up and do Screamin' as well. We even bought pictures so she could prove that she did an upside-down coaster! We tried to get her on ToT as well, but she took one look at the ride as we were walking up and nixed that idea. Next we went on Monster's Inc., which she adored and finished out DCA with Soarin'.

    By this time it was 9pm and we were starting to drag a little bit so we took the train over to Tomorrowland where she absolutely LOVED Space Mountain. She said that was her favorite ride of the resort. We then went over to Buzz during the fireworks. While in line the CM that was collecting FastPasses tried to complement a girl who was wearing a Stitch shirt and the girl just looked at her like she was crazy and walked away. I guess I had an amused look on my face because she asked me why I was laughing. I told her that I was just amazed that she was trying to be personable and that girl was just downright rude. The CM then told me that she had been there since 6:30 am and wouldn't be off until 11:30 pm and she couldn't tell me how many times she had been yelled at that day. As she let us through I told her "Well, we appreciate you! Keep up the great attitude!" and she smiled so big. That really warmed my heart!

    At about 10:00 we made our way to our final attraction of Indiana Jones and I was so excited to see that the pole was back and working! After the ride we headed down Main Street for some last minute shopping before heading back to the Candy Cane to collapse in one of their comfy rooms. Despite the fact that my Future-Sister-In-Law had been up for nearly 20 hours, had flown cross county, been ambushed and taken someplace she hadn't expected to, she had a fabulous time. As we were walking out she said "I can see why people come back here again and again!" High praise from the girl who feels that happy people should be kicked! Heh!

    We had a great time the rest of the weekend as well, but I think that nothing matched up to our crazy, commando, surprise, birthday trip to Disneyland! :yea:

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    Re: Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

    Wow what a trip report


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      Re: Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

      Thanks for the great report! so glad you all had a great time. I'm glad your FSIL had the guts to go on the coasters! Thanks for letting us know the pole is now working in Indy! Thaks again...


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        Re: Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

        wow! that was an awesome trip report! sounds like fun was had by all! thanx for sharing!
        A true Disney gal…princess at heart, forever dreamer, constant believer :love: :ghug:

        In serious need of a Disneyland trip
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          Re: Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

          Great report, and thank you for sharing your experiences!


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            Re: Trip Report: 8/17 Commando, One-Day, Two-Parks Surprise Birthday Trip

            thank you, this was a great trip report!!


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