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What are the current in-park AP discounts?


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  • What are the current in-park AP discounts?

    Sorry if this has repeated. I did a search and didn't come up with anything.

    I'm planning my first trip to DL in several years for May 15-20. I have a 4-day hopper pass and was planning to upgrade it to a Deluxe AP.

    I know that several years ago, there were discounts at restaurants and merchandise for AP holders but I can't find any list of them. The offical web-site now requires you to log in with your AP number to see the discounts.

    Can anyone tell me what the current Deluxe AP discounts are?

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    Go to and go to the Annual Passholder link, everything is listed there.
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      Originally posted by wolfy999
      Go to and go to the Annual Passholder link, everything is listed there.
      Actually, it's not, unless there is a page that I'm missing. The Anuual Passholder page lists the black-out days but requires that you register and log-in using your AP Number before it will show you any AP offers and discounts.


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        I have a Deluxe AP.

        At Disneyland:
        10% off French Market, Rancho del Zocalo, Pizza Port, and Plaza Inn

        At California Adventure:
        10% off Farmer's Market, Cocina Cucamonga, Pizza Oom Mow Mow, Pacific Wharf Cafe, The Lucky Fortune Cookery, and Taste Pilot's Grill.

        And do you need to know the Downtown Disney discounts? Because there's a LOT.
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          I don't know why, but the Discount list is blocked from the public on

          But MouseSavers has the full list...

          Free online guide to Disneyland tickets, including discounts, tips and tricks to save you time and money on your Disneyland vacation!

          There are three lists, one for Food, one for Merchandise and one for Downtown Disney.
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