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News: "Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend"


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  • News: "Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend"

    Andrea has been a Cast Member at Disneyland since 2003. She started her Disney career working on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and shortly thereafter moved over to Jungle Cruise where she became a Lead. From time to time, she would also cover the Tiki Room.

    Tiki Andrea and Kevin (showing off his new Jim Carey neck) With lovely parting gifts for Andrea in hand, we opened the park and quickly made our way to the Jungle Cruise, only to find out that she was working from 4 PM to close. [snip]... so it wasn't long before it was time to go back to the Jungle Cruise dock for one last visit with Andrea and the rest of the skippers.

    A teary-eyed Skipper Andrea on her last boat

    There to see her off was a rather large handful of her fans. Her last boat ended up being two boats. As I said, it was difficult seeing her, knowing it was the last time on her boat.

    Here's to you, kid. Good luck as you continue your ventures in college and beyond!

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    Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

    I did not get on one her cruise. :gladsad: :gladsad: :crybye:

    maybe a :judge:
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      Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

      She actually started on the Jungle Cruise and then was Trained on Thunder


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        Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

        :crybye: Thats really really cool. Im sure she was so happy to see all of her fans on her last boat...


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          Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

          When I saw the Thread title, I was almost hoping it was about Maynard...


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            Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

            I started working on the Jungle Cruise in 2003, about the same time Andrea did. She was a great skipper and a very nice young woman, not to mention being extremely tall and beautiful. With all the current turnover problems, Disneyland could use a lot more CM's like her.
            Best of luck; you'll be missed!
            "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are." - BB


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              Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

              omg i used to talk to her all the time

              when me and my friends used to go like once a week we always would stop by and say hi to her and if she was a skipper, we'd make sure we were on her boat

              i'll miss her friendly face :crybye:


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                Re: News: &quot;Saying Goodbye to an old (CM) Friend&quot;

                aw, she's terrific. i was in Flashback with her. well, not on her team, but she was certainly nice when i met her!
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