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Thrive on Enthusiasm


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  • Thrive on Enthusiasm

    Here is the thing, no big deal, but you should read on anyway...

    I appreciate the staff members of this great sites' effort in keeping it up and running for those of us who like to communicate all things Disney. And I may be alone, but I doubt it, but I feel like the negativity directed towards all aspects of the WD co. has reached an all time high.

    Now, there has always been an alarmingly high number of threads/thus posts picking apart different actions that the company has taken that do not match up with micechat members' expectations. But recently it seems that Disney can't do a thing right.

    All I am asking is that you all, and I'm including my self as we are all guilty, take time to appreciate the things that are great about the park. Being enthusiastic about change, even if we aren't sure it is the best bet for the future, can help it along far better than attacking it.

    Be sure to always voice your opinions on the topics, or even make your own, but think before you bash, nothings really all that bad!
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    Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

    pie > cake


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      Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

      You know, I think one of the best things about this site is that it's a bunch of people who absolutely love Disney. We can all come together and discuss every aspect of that love.

      Now, I love my child. I love her unconditionally, no matter what, for a variety of reasons.

      But I do not always like my child, or the things that she does.

      Do I love her any less? Not at all.

      But here at MC, our version of love is not the rosy, cheery, everything is perfect variety. Our version of love is acknowledging that the object of our love (Disney) is not perfect. And we love it anyway.

      I don't think any of these compaints or negative posts mean we love Disney any less. It means we love Disney in spite of the things we do not like.

      And that is what love is truly about.
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        Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

        Find someting perfect about Disneyland and we will discuss that from now on. Seriously, if management knew what they were doing half the time we wouldn't have anything to discuss. Enough said.


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          Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

          Attempting to quash debate and free discussion by admonishing a (very diverse) group of net-heads with a common interest to "say something nice or not say anything at all" is pointless. If you're not comfortable with reading other's opinions when they're not "nice" or "inoffensive" I suggest you stay off the internet, because that's simply not the way it works. (unless you're in China)

          If you want to control what you read, get yourself a LiveJournal or a MySpace account and you can be princess of your own little drama kingdom. Have at it. Whee.


          As for the reason behind the "picking apart" of Disney, it's a combination of the 50th anniversary coming to a close, the departure of the Messianic Ouimet figure (judging from the past year's worth of posts adulating him), and the big let down as the excitement starts to fade.

          The more something means to you, the more you notice about it - good OR bad. I, for one, am glad that someone has the cajones to stand up and tell the (idiot MBA) management that their collective fly is down.

          Besides, as Christmas Eve says, "The more you ruv someone..."
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            Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

            I always maintain that fans are their own worst enemy.

            Whether you are into Star Trek or Disneyland, and especially if you are obsessively or enthusiastically into it, you will also find no end to the things that can be picked apart. It doesn't mean we love it any less, it just means we probably spend too much time thinking about it.

            Now, this isn't always a bad thing. However, it is a bit disconcerting for some when a large group of fans wants to run something down before it has even been put into production. All too many times have I heard on this forum - and I must stress EVERY FORUM IS THE SAME - that "such and such a plan is just plain silly"; "brings back Attraction X"; "those cheap Disney bastards" and so forth. We all turn into Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons at some point: yes, we've have managed to get countless hours of entertainment from our beloved object, but

            The solution? Well, there isn't one. We'll all whine and moan, but we'll still all look forward to our next Disneyland excursion. It's the love/hate relationship that all fans - regardless of what they are a fan of - share.

            Still, I can't help but feel put off by the negativity sometimes...That said, picking things apart is healthy. If Walt and WDI hadn't kept picking things apart for the last 50 years, Disneyland wouldn't be the place it is today.
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              Re: Thrive on Enthusiasm

              There is a fine line between picking things apart and finding weaknesses and flaws and ways to improve vs. beginning to hate something because it is flawed.

              For as much as we complain or wish things were different, every single one of us agonizes about how long it is until our next visit. Every single one of us dreams of the next time we get to cross the boundary between reality and the world of fantasy.

              There will always be ways to improve and it will never be perfect. But it's partly because of the fans out there who do feel so strongly about things that the standards are kept high. If all of the park goes became apathetic towards things, sooner or later quality would slide as well. It's inevitable, no matter how much of a legacy you've been left by those who have gone before you.

              I completely agree with the post about loving your kids less because you don't like what they are doing. I may not like or agree with everything the Disney Co. is doing, but I do not love them any less. I will continue to support them and give them my patronage. And when I walk through those tunnels onto Main Street USA, any qualms, or disagreements I may or may not have with things are forgetten entirely and Disneyland becomes my universe.

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