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Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke


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  • Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

    Thought I would share the videos of Candle Light 2005 with host Dick Van Dyke.

    There are 8 parts.

    Candle Light Part 1

    Candle Light Part 2

    Candle Light Part 3

    Candle Light Part 4

    Candle Light Part 5

    Candle Light Part 6

    Candle Light part 7

    Candle Light Part 8

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    Re: Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

    Thanks CL - seeing this brings back great memories. I hadn't seen the Candelight at DL since probably the late 1970's, when I was still working there. I can't remember all the "guest narrators" they had back then, but I do remember Jimmy Stewart doing it one year. And I marvelled at all of the choirs, of course, but especially the "Living Christmas Tree" every year from Western High School. Great stuff...Dick Van Dyke is now, and always has been, a class act.

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      Re: Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

      I was so bummed out that I didn't get to go see Dick Van Dyke last year, but this was a beautiful substitute. Thank you Crazy Legs, that was really cool. Now I'm in the mood for Christmas again. Do we really need Halloween and Thanksgiving? Let's just dive right back into the most wonderful time of the year.


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        Re: Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

        Wonderful. I got to go and see him. It was a very special Christmas memory from this last year. Thanks for the videos!
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          Re: Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

          About Dick Van Dyke:

          My wife and I were at Plaza Inn late last year. The CM working the register had her nametag that read "Class of 1976" if I remember correctly. I said, "Wow, you've been here quite some time." She said, "Well, if I hadn't quit for awhile, my badge would read "Class of 1964" - but I took time off in the late 60's. I said, "WOW! Did you ever get the chance to meet Walt Disney?"

          Interestingly enough, she told my wife and I that she did. She pointed to a table and said, "Mr Disney used to come to this restaurant - he loved it here. Anyway, he had a big celebrity get together here around the time of Mary Poppins' release and he was here with Dick Van Dyke and Art Linkletter....."

          I guess this item is more about Walt, but has Mr. Van Dyke intertwined in it there.

          I think it is very cool when Disneyland brings people on to do things like this who ACTUALLY KNEW Walt Disney. When my wife and I saw Diane Disney Miller on July 17, 2005, it was quite a momentous occasion for us.

          Anyway, just thought I'd share my little Plaza Inn story and how it somewhat related to Dick Van Dyke.



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            Re: Candle Light 2005 Video's With Dick Van Dyke

            Thanks that was really nice to see. Amazing,how they blend the songs as they sing them with the orchestra.
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