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    I was recently (this month) on my second ever visit to Disneyland, which featured my first ever visit to TSI! I LOVED IT!! I thought it was one of the coolest parts of Disneyland. The only thing that sucked was that Fort Wilderness was closed. So upon returning home I start looking up information online about TSI... to disappointingly read about how cool it used to be. This made me upset of course because if it was fully functioning I would have been twice as floored by it as I was. Anyway I have a couple questions that I cannot find clear answers to and was wondering if you people could help me:

    1.) I was reading this article "Tom Smaller Island" and when talking about planned idiot-proofing of the island it says: The subterranean caves were all marked for "Fill In." My question is: The subterranean caves??? Are they just talking about the regular caves that are still open, or other caves that went underground on the island that no longer exist? When I was there it was very much fun exploring through the long and numerous caves, but none of them seemed to really be underground, below any level you could walk on outside. I read a rumor or info on some website that talked about how there used to be a long cave that went underneath most of the island and came out near the front (docking area)? Now, I know the "secret exit" cave from Ft. Wilderness is closed since the fort itself is closed, but can somebody clear this up for me as far as what, if any, caves have been "filled in"?

    2.) The same article it talks about how much of the island is closed off. I know the article is dated and I think most of this area is now re-opened. But I noticed when I was there that the area behind Fort Wilderness was fenced off. I found a very old TSI map and noted that it says "Indian Territory. Terms of treaty prohibit entry." by the area above Ft. Wilderness. This makes it seem like this area was never open? Or is the caption on the map just for fun to "warn" people of the Indian area? Was this area ever open, or was it always closed to the public? If it was open, what could you do back there?

    I'm hoping you disneyland experts/seasoned veterans can answer my questions. What else is gone from TSI that used to be there (besides Ft. Wilderness' features), or is new that wasn't there before? I'm hoping that they will re-open Ft. Wilderness!

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    That part of the Island has always been closed, at least to my knowledge. I'm not sure about the caves though. I think they did close a section off for the installment of Fantasmic! But I'm not sure how many caves got the "fill in".

    PS the fort was closed due to safety issues. The fort was badly water damaged and there was extensive termite infestation. I don't believe there are any current plans to up-date this. It was really cool at one time. They had gun towers that had electronic rifles (very similar if not the same as the ones used in the shooting gallery). But those were the good ol days and those good ol days are gone. Ten years we've been rusting........


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      i think the fort will come back soon enough. Its similar to the tiki room in that its an old attraction that has been neglected by past suits. I think once tomorrowland is fixed the fort will be on the list, perhaps it is in Ouimets rumoured plans for frontierland.


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        I love old maps like that! Thnks for sharing your input. I myself have yet to visit the island, but I will be there soon, and join the ranks of, well, you!
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