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What will go in the MBC??


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  • What will go in the MBC??

    I was just curiouse as to what all of you thought was going in there??...
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    what's MBC?


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      i think it was just a clean up for now, but apparently ouimet has plans for that area in the future, watever goes in there i think it will be an e-taicket from what i have heard.


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        Motor Boat Cruise.. i believe theyre doing alot to it.. there was a thread that explain pretty much what they wanted to do. All i can recall is that they might add plants that match the area and some new speical effect (fire of some sort/ explosion) and redo the waterfall. But i know theres more.. Im kidding that jungle cruise.. i think theyr just filling in that area to think up a new ride in that area..but there was a thread that stated that Matt is planning to ptu a new ride in that area.. hopefully not a kiddy playground.. any D-ticket woudl be cool.. I dont think theres enought room for an e ticket. But you never know.
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          Originally posted by zach1
          what's MBC?
          Motor boat cruise


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            heh heh...I feel sheepish...


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              I personally think they are going to convert it to a queue for the submarine voyage.


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                Forget queue... if Nemo is dry-for-wet anyway, my hope is that they'll just dig the canal a little deeper and build a showbuilding for Nemo there.

                Otherwise, I don't see much going in there yet.
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                  Originally posted by Disneyfreak
                  I personally think they are going to convert it to a queue for the submarine voyage.
                  Thankfully that won't happen.
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