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You know you are obsessed with Disney when...


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  • You know you are obsessed with Disney when...

    Inspired by gibbage's thread, I thought it would be fun to let your Fan/Nut/Freak flags fly. Let us know how you express your love for Disney!

    ...Your dad orders you a Mickey & Minnie singing telegram...for your wedding reception.

    ...Random co-workers come to you for Disneyland advice.

    ...Family members call you before they go to DL.

    ...A birthday cannot go by without getting a Disneyland Birthday Sticker.

    ...All vacations destinations seem to have the word "Disney" in the title.

    (Have we done this before? If so, no big. Always fun to share how we all came to love Disney so much.)
    Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
    I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

    May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.


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    my friend can....

    * impersonate over 300 voices
    * name almost every single voice actor that worked for disney AND their later careers
    * Name EVERY SINGLE movie disney and its partners have released, in chronilogical order.
    * Know EVERY SINGLE attraction released at a Disney themepark in chronilogical order.
    * Make Disney characters out of pipe cleaners

    o_o;;; Sometimes he scares me

    <_< Me? I'm just over obsessive about Larxene and Maleficent


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      • Not only do friends and family ask you for DL advice, but your boss once even scheduled a meeting with you just to ask.
      • It's impossible to eat or cook in your home without having Disney invade the meal, whether it be from the plates, flatware, napkins, appliances, pot holders, spoon rests, etc.
      • You have a roll of Mickey Mouse toilet paper in the bathroom - and it's for decoration only.
      • Disney is the dominant decor in every room in your house, except the guest bathroom, which only has a subtle tissue box with "Tissue" painted on it in Disney's Atlantean font.
      • It's nearly impossible to get dressed without including Disney clothing.
      • Your co-workers tell their kids on "Take Your Kids to Work Day" not to touch the Disney toys in your cube because "these toys belong to my co-worker, and she'll be really sad if any get broken or missing".
      • You poor blood, sweat, and tears into making a small replica of the Enchanted Tiki Room for your balcony, much to the dismay of your neighbors. And, you add an annoying "repeating" talking mechanical macaw to said balcony.
      • Being within 2 miles of Disneyland is one of your main reasons for your choice of residence.
      • Scare the living crap out of your significant other by talking like Mickey in the bedroom (although it's just a joke).
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        You're taking May 5th off (even though you live 1300 miles away from DL) just so you can be on the MC boards to find out the big announcements.

        Your husband almost customed designed a Mickey shaped engagement ring for you.


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          That you always keep a window open on your computer at work for and so I never miss anything!


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            * when loved ones actually say "where do you want to go for vacation this year - and it better not be Disney"
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              Originally posted by Mouse princess
              * when loved ones actually say "where do you want to go for vacation this year - and it better not be Disney"
              • When you're on an impromtu visit to SoCal with your parents as a kid, and they ask where you'd like to spend the rest of the weekend BESIDES Disneyland, so you resort to responding to them "through" your cute little Mickey plush which they just can't resist, and the next thing you know, you're at DL's front gate. :devil:
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                When you half-kill yourself walking around Downtown Disney, Disneyland and the surrounding area just to play a puzzle game called MouseAdventure!


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                  When you go all the way to Europe and spend 2 days of the once-in-a-lifetime trip at Disneyland Paris -- only to long for the Original and end up going to Disneyland 4 months later!

                  Of course, that's just a theoretical example.
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                    When almost everything you say has Disney in the sentence.
                    Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                    it's what they are like in their HEART!

                    - Wolfette


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                      Originally posted by Mouse princess
                      * when loved ones actually say "where do you want to go for vacation this year - and it better not be Disney"
                      • When your family is planning a vacation to somewhere that doesn't have a Disney theme park and you seriously say 'Well what is there to do there? Is there a Disney park I don't know about?!?'


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               only know your age by subtracting from Disneyland's


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                          You have all of the attractions, and even the different lands backround music, on cd..... And you know the rides by heart. Not just the different things that happen, but what the characters say... (like what the navigator says in Star Tours)
                          Also, you can quote almost all of the Disney movies off the bat.


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                            When your iPod has all Disney Music on it, and you suggest watching Disney Movies when the subject of "what movie do you want to watch" comes up.


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                              Originally posted by Disneylandrocks55
                              When your iPod has all Disney Music on it
                              lol. My top 25 most played on my ipod is all Disney. wow


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                                *When you are called "the Disney Girl" at work

                                *When anyone asks you what you did over the weekend and of course you say Disneyland and they say "AGAIN????"

                                *When you plan Disney Ditch Days at work w/ your friends through out the year

                                *When you have a larger collection of Disney dvds than non Disney dvds (is there really a point to have any other?)

                                *When you live on micechat

                                *When your highest concern for a quality in a bf is "will he love Disney as much as me?"

                                A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes....


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                                  When you are making up sentences for your class spelling test and every word can be realated to DL and your students keep asking you "Did that really happn?"


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                                    You have "Zipadedooda", "Chimchimcheeree" and many other ringtones in your cell phone

                                    the photo Wallpaper on your phone is a personal shot of any place in the DL

                                    You just filled a curio cabinet with many Disneyana collectibles, now you're wondering where to put the next one.

                                    Some coworkers make fun of you for going to DL too much.
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                                      You know you are obsessed with Disney when...

                                      You plan vacations to places other than a Disney Theme Park, and have a horrible feeling that it just won't be as fun.

                                      You wanted to dance for joy upon arriving at the park and seeing the new paint job in Tomorrowland going up.

                                      No matter how long you stay at the park, its not long enough.

                                      You with you could go BACK to Disneyland after you've just been for five days.


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                                        ... when you kick a$$ at all Disney trivia related games! Even beating those who think of themselves as Disney experts. Till they met ME!
                                        ... when people you know call you to play Disneyland tour guide to their incoming guests from out of town.
                                        ... But you know you've met your absolute match when you can talk Disney with him nonstop for hours and the both of you are in a magical haze of happiness!


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