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How bad do you think the 17th is going to get?


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  • How bad do you think the 17th is going to get?

    I know Disneyland is expecting a large crowd on July 17th... but I've got a bad feeling they're underestimating just HOW large a crowd. I've heard people talking about getting there hours early to wait in line, just to be inside the park on the 17th - and these AREN'T SoCal people! Are we looking at a "Star Wars 12:01 showing" kind of line, with people waiting around in sleeping bags? How crazy do you think this could be... and better yet, how early do you think Disneyland will close the gates?

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    July 17th...

    Can we say NUTS???? I think it will be all of us who want to be part of the experience/history of this celebration. Will it keep me and my family from going? I don't think so....I just wish we had a room to stay at so we didn't have to get up extra early to attend!!!

    See you there! all began with a Mouse...


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        o m g . . . the 17th is gonna be packed . . . i say they stop letting people in by noon . . .
        i'm not even planning on going on rides because i know the lines will be outrageously long . . . i just wanna be there for the history and everything
        but yea . . . words can't discribe how busy it will be


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          You kow the current park capacity.... Cause it will hit that... If you have any rides you want to ride.. you will have to narrow it down to a few...

          Any big dedications?? Like having Matt.. Eisner... Iger... rededicate it like they did many years...


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            Fist fight style bad would be my expectation.


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              I think it will be a pretty crowded day. Even though they are holding "Press Day" (As I like to call it) on May 4th, I wouldn't doubt that the place will be littered with press from around the world. So that will add wood to the fire.
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                Not many people other than us know about the exact date, though, so maybe it won't be too bad.
                Did you hear about the three blondes who were driving to Disneyland?
                After being in the car for hours, they saw a sign that said "Disneyland left" so they turned around and went home.


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                  Not true, park's always got a good crowd on its birthday, cake or no cake.

                  Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, opening narration. (although yours is paraphrased)
                    My fondest memory of Walt Disney was the day Disneyland opened....I was standing next to him - I was 12 years old - he was looking at the gate where people were coming through, he had his hands behind his back, he had a grin from ear to ear, but you could see the lump in his throat and the tear coming down his cheek because his dream had been realized. -- Mouseketeer Sharon Baird, "Mouseke-Memories", Walt Disney Treasures: The Mickey Mouse Club


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                      I recall how on opening day the asphalt melted under people's shoes, and no one could find a water fountain.

                      I expect this to be that bad, if not worse. It will be brutally hot; the crowds will be oppressive; and those who show up after the gates to DLR close will be invited guess where? DCA. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy, doesn't it?

                      I also suspect that there will be a line on I-5 from the parking garage early in the day, just as there was a line miles long on the opening.

                      I'm just glad I'm not a CM. It's undoubtedly going to be a rough day with big crowds, anxious and crabby (by the end of the day) people, and who knows what else could happen. It will take a maximum effort by everyone involved to get through it and have a Disney Day.


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                        I think fears of unbelieveable crowds are wildly exaggerated. The birthday will be no more publicized than, say, the 30th (easily the most publicized to date) and that day DID NOT sell out. Yes, it was 20 years ago. But the car giveaway they had going that year brought droves of people to the park for the chance to win. Nothing like that this year ... and the publicity machine only starting this time in May, whereas it went full bore from January for the 30th.

                        Relax, calm down, I don't think it will be as bad as everyone seems to be freaking out about.


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                          I really don't think it will be as bad as 5/05. Not many people know that the actual anniversary is 7/17. 5/05 is being talked about on the radio, on television and even in the news. I haven't read or heard anything else about 7/17 other than what i've read here...Maybe we'll get lucky.
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                            Considering they have blacked out all AP's except for Premiums that day would make me believe they are expecting big crowds. This is the first non-saturday birthday that I can remember being blacked out to passes that typically aren't blacked out. (Deluxe isn't blocked out any other Sunday in July except that one).


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                              How bad do you think the 17th is going to get?

                              It's going to be so bad that I'll be in another state just to get away.
                              Oh wait...

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