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  • AP Question...?

    My friend and her boyfriend are going to buy an AP but her boyfriend is not from the US and is not legal. She has called Disneyland and talked to someone about it, I guess they used to give out passes to people who aren't legal alot, but now they want to see some short of ID and proof of address, but even then there is only a 50% chance he can get one. Has anyone else heard of this or have any infomation about it?

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    Why would it matter if he was legal or not and why would Disneyland want to know about that anyway? I've never heard of this. I would think they wouldn't care. I mean, ANYONE can get an AP as long as you have the money, right?


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      That's an interesting question. The only problem I can see arising is if the boyfriend doesn't have a photo ID to show the CM processing the AP at the ticket booth. I can't see why a CM has to know this fellow isn't a legal resident. What do parents do in a case like this, where their child doesn't have something like a Driver's License? What do they accept as identification? I had previously been an AP before getting a new one this last October, and the CM still asked for my ID even though my info was still in the system. Hopefully some Main Gate or Guest Relations CM has a definite answer for you.


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        I don't understand what illegal means? Like, not a US Citizen? It's not a requirement of the DLR that APs be US Citizen. They'll take anybodies money! As long as he has some sort of ID from the country he is from then he should be able to get a pass. They just want an address so they can send ads and renewal information.


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          ^^When I bought an AP for my little sister, she didn't have any identification to show. I did have to show my driver's license, but I only had to sign my little sister's voucher.

          About the US Citizen thing though, I have no idea. Guest relations would be your best bet.
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            We have a member that has an AP in Australia.....wonder where he is now? He could give you all the info you might need. Check out the members list, see if you can find him and e-mail him.
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              I think the problem is that he needs some proof of address, and to have that on some kind of bill or something, don't you need to have a SS#. He has never had anything with his name and address on it before, to show that he lives in Southern California. He does have some kind of ID.


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