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Trip report - First Impressions (no pix)


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  • Trip report - First Impressions (no pix)


    A lot of you don't know me. Let me just start by saying that I have probably been to Disneyland and Disney World many, many times in my 51 years. I arrived in California on Thursday morning, went to DCA on Friday night, and spent the day (or most of it) in Disneyland today.

    CMs: For the most part, the CMs have been friendly, courteous, and even kind. Exceptions: one CM in Whitewater Snacks who couldn't be bothered to ring up an order, or even bring the order to us when we finally got waited on. Sorry you're underpaid, but I can certainly see why. The CMs at Paradise Pier Hotel constantly gave out misinformation.

    I did, however, make one CM laugh out loud at the Blue Bayou tonight. She was outside of the podium area , trying to give directions to another guest, who, quite frankly, was being obnoxious. The CM spun around and accidently gave this woman an amazing slap. Of course, she was absolutely mortified that this happened, and apologized all over the place. When she retreated behind the podium, I went up to her and said something to the effect that I was so glad she slapped the guest, because if she didn't, I would have. She got all red in the face, and burst out laughing.

    We didn't get a lot of rides at Disneyland done today. Maybe it was a combination of the heat and humidity. But here's what we managed to get done:

    Space Mountain: Absolutely the best ride of the day. Space Mountain used to "eat my lunch," but the new track was smooth, flawless, and the re-entry effects were extremely well done.

    Indy: As has been discussed here earlier, Indy needs a total rehab. The doors were not working again, and the final Indy looked like he'd come down with Parkinson's disease. No rat effect at all, which was probably for the best. The bamboo pole worked beautifully. The rope did not.

    Mr. Toad: Had so much fun riding Mr. Toad! I was "steering" the car and was really having a blast of a time.

    Pirates: For those of you who haven't been to WDW, Disneyland has the BEST Pirates, hands down. There isn't much more I can say. The new animatronics looked and moved amazingly well. I was really impressed, again.

    Haunted Mansion: Really a nice job in the attic, though it went by too quickly. Did see some sort of light writing and a face in the seance room, but didn't get the full effect. Guess I was too busy thinking the Leota floating in the crystal ball was really nice. Here we go with comparisons again, but the Ghosts seem much closer and much clearer in the graveyard scene here. In WDW, you can barely tell what you're looking at.

    Remember ... Dreams Come True Fireworks: Ever seen a 51 year old man cry? I can tell you quite a few people did tonight. That show pushed every emotional button I have - and then pushed them all again. What a glorious display. I began losing it right after Walt's voice started up, and I didn't recover until well after the fireworks were over. So many wonderful memories are all wrapped in a place called Disneyland.

    DCA: Ran through quickly last night. Loved the Tower of Terror. True, it doesn't have the queue that WDW has, but it stands on its own very well. Loved the mirror effect on the first level. It was kind of one of those, "how in the h*** did they do that?" moments.

    I'll close for now with a comment on something I saw today. I'll probably get flamed for my opinion, but I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. A woman in front of us in the Pirates line decides it's time to feed her toddler. So she whips out her breast in front of gawd and everyone, and feeds the child. Hello? Yes, I know it's a beatiful and natural thing to do, but in public? At least try and show a bit of decorum. I know that DL has at least one baby center. Perhaps she could use it next time. I kinda doubt it, however.

    Anyway, enough for now. I'm so tired I could drop.


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    Re: Trip report - First Impressions (no pix)

    Nice trip review. I don't agree with you on everything (but then again, who would?), but I'm glad to get your impressions, and your comparisons with WDW.

    I think the "Remember" show is the finest fireworks show that Disneyland has ever had, and is also emotionally touching. Don't be ashamed of showing emotion during this incredibly great show!


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