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Do you own the rights to your Homevideo's?

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  • Do you own the rights to your Homevideo's?

    I was looking for Disneyland videos and found some cool video's the person that taped and edited the videos has this on there site
    "I am the videographer and copyright holder to this material"
    So do you own the copyright to video's of Disney rides, shows and other Disneyland video's that you taped???
    And can you sell your video?
    I just wanted to ask.
    Happy Halloween!!!

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    Re: Do you own the rights to your Homevideo's?

    From my understanding, whatever you tape in Disneyland (attractions like shows, parades, and rides, buildings, etc) are the videographer's copyright.

    Selling the videos, I don't know. Lots of people sell them...

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